Best Practices Help Save Lives


We all have companies we look up to that shape our own goals and mission because we like their branding, products, and people, but dig a little deeper and do you find their business is wholly executed in a morally and ethical manner? Whilst we all need to be profitable, we can’t solely focus on the bottom line, and now more than ever public trust is a huge necessity to our overall reputation.

It is hard not to try to cut corners when customers demand the production and delivery of a wide range of goods and services at the lowest possible prices, just make sure it’s not at the expense of people or our planet.

No matter how big, or how small your company might be, outlining and complying to best practices improves your business performance dramatically. Your work place, your staff, suppliers, customers and if applicable, your investors will all thank you for your commitment to sustainable, responsible business management in the long run.

Our small company is proud of our morals and ethics. We might not be a global brand, but we have a global outlook with a local perspective, and our team is proud of the steps we take to keep focusing on the trust our public has in us. Our charity Nothing But Nets are a company we have a close personal connection to, and with every purchase of one of our Folding Tents or Pavilions, in your corner donates a long-lasting, insecticide treated bed net to send to Africa to stop the spread of Malaria. We feel passionately about the work this charity undertakes and encourage our readers to learn more on Our Charity page.

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