Outdoor Information Kiosk reduces wait time for 300,000 visitors to Portmeirion


Outdoor Information Kiosk welcomes 300,000 visitors to Portmeirion Village – Wales’s premier visitor attraction

More than 300,000 people visited Portmeirion Village, Wales’s premier visitor attraction in 2021, and they all got to see our stunning Outdoor Information Kiosk.

With tourism at an all-time high in the UK, we’ve been busy with orders from top tourist attractions wanting our premium outdoor hospitality products – and we never disappoint!

The team at Portmeirion Village and Gardens got in touch to order one of our popular Square Kiosks and we couldn’t wait to produce an Outdoor Information Kiosk for them.



What did we deliver?

The request from Portmeirion was to provide a product that could be used to help reduce queues at the busy admission point.

We suggested a branded Square Kiosk, which could work as a one-stop information kiosk for visitors. Inside, staff could keep dry from the rain, but give tourists the warm welcome they deserved.

Since the Covid pandemic, tourist attractions up and down the country have been focusing on giving guests a first-class experience and very often our outdoor hospitality solutions really help.

Our perfect Outdoor Kiosks

To complement the award-winning venue, one of our Square Kiosks now takes pride of place at the premier visitor attraction. It was installed to help ease customer congestion at the busy entrance area.

Portmeirion ordered one of our Outdoor Square Kiosks to sit between two ticket booths.

Available in four different styles, Star, Octagonal, Hexagonal and Square, these create perfect food, drink kiosks or information kiosks, and are easy to set up and transport from event to event or stay in a semi-permanent position. They provide space for staff to work inside and serve customers from one or all of its four sides.

Did you know?

Portmeirion was created by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis to show how a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. Between 1925 and 1976, he created Portmeirion Village and Gardens and it has become a much-loved day out for holiday makers.

Portmeirion Village also provided the backdrop for the 1960s cult classic series, The Prisioner, starring Patrick McGoohan.

He starred as Number Six, the leading role in The Prisoner, and was the driving force behind the 17-episode series.

Every year, fans of the cult TV series hold The Prisoner Convention at Portmeirion, with events including the Election Parade, Tally-Ho Theatre and Human Chess.

It was probably one of the most influential pieces of television of the 1960s, and truly showcased Portmeirion village with its Mediterranean atmosphere.

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How did we do?

Robin Llywelyn, Managing Director of Portmeirion, and grandson of architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, said:

“We ordered the Outdoor Kiosk at the very beginning of the season because we had an idea that we were going to be very busy – and we were right.

“Our mission was to reduce the time it took to welcome guests at the entrance, so we installed the Outdoor Kiosk in a very central location.

“In addition to our existing ticket booths, we erected the new information kiosk so guests could approach staff with more general enquiries.

“The Outdoor Kiosk made a real difference. It reduced queues and staff were able to engage with visitors.

“It was a great success and looking back, I am very pleased that we ordered it as early into the season as we did.

“On some days, more than 3,000 people visited us, so keeping queues down is always a high priority.

Portmeirion Wales“, by Mike McBey, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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