Pepsi MAX Outdoor Bar and Subway Van delight revellers at Reading Festival


Pepsi MAX Outdoor Bar and Subway Van delight revellers at Reading Festival.

More than 100,000 fans flocked to this year’s Reading Festival and a fair few enjoyed our branded Pepsi MAX Pavilion Outdoor Bar.

It’s the first time we’ve exclusively branded one of our popular Pavilion Outdoor Bars for Pepsi MAX and paired with a stunning Subway Van – stocked with nutritious alternatives to traditional fast food – it rocked at the 2021 Reading Festival.

For six full days, revellers enjoyed delicious sub sandwiches from Subway and ice-cold drinks from the Pavilion Outdoor Bar, while they watched headline acts including Stormzy, Liam Gallagher and Post Malone.


What did we deliver?

One made-to-measure, fully-branded Pepsi MAX Pavilion Outdoor Bar was supplied to Sach Patel, who owns Subway franchises in Reading.

After securing a pitch at the 2021 Reading Festival, Sach was determined to soak up the atmosphere – and give his food business the exposure it deserves.

Alongside his Subway Van, Sash knew he needed something else to help him cope with the level of customers he was likely to receive at the event.

The solution? One of our bespoke branded Pavilion Outdoor Bars.

Our advice to Sach was simple. If you’re pitching your food business in, quite literally, the heart and soul of the party – you’ve got to be prepared for lots of customers and our Pavilion Outdoor Bars are perfect for a busy event.

With a huge amount of experience at festivals like Reading and Leeds and concerts at venues including Wembley and Knebworth, the UK festival scene is BIG. Current figures suggest that gigs like the Reading Festival, contribute upwards of £200 million to the economy each year.

In the last ten years, spending on food and drink at festivals has nearly doubled – with the average person spending between £50 and £100.

Being prepared is vital and a branded product instantly puts your company on the map.


Our branded Pepsi MAX Pavilion Bar was pitch perfect at the Reading Festival

We are celebrating 25 years in the industry and pride ourselves on creating the very best outdoor solutions to help you.

We are commercial outdoor hospitality suppliers and are based in the heart of the UK.

At In Your Corner, we provide the best value, premium quality products to bring your outdoor hospitality and event areas to life – we are food and drink marketing specialists.

We know that attracting more customers is key and promoting your brand is a vital part of growing your business.

Investing in the right products for you is how to increase turnover and run a successful business.

The request from Sach at Subway, was simple. He needed the right products to ensure his presence at the Reading Festival would be profitable. He also wanted to make the most of the heavy footfall and promote his business to the max – Pepsi MAX!


Did you know?

We have been supplying world-class, premium Pavilions, Gazebos and Marquees since we launched In Your Corner more than 15 years ago.

Our Outdoor Pavilions Bars are available in four different styles, Star, Octagonal, Hexagonal and Square, and can be easily transported to events, from music festivals to racecourse meetings and more.

They create the perfect branded or non-branded event stand and are ideal as a drinks bar, food outlet, market stall or information kiosk.

Whatever size you need, they provide a 360 degrees marketing solution and there’s a huge amount of space inside for staff to serve customers fast and efficiently.

Adding logos and other branding including corporate colours, like the Pepsi MAX Pavilion at Reading Festival, is what we do best.


How did we do?

Sach Patel, owner of a number of Subway franchises, said:

“In Your Corner have provided us with a perfect outdoor bar. It works brilliantly operationally, and is also eye catching and stands out helping us to generate sales. They understand the festival and events industry as they have walked in our shoes previously.

“I knew that we would be extremely busy at Reading, especially as it was cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic.

“For me, I wanted to be able to give my customers an enjoyable experience and of course, promoting Subway and Pepsi MAX, was another important factor.

“Securing a pitch at Reading was such a big deal to us, we wanted to get it right and the branded outdoor Bar was absolutely perfect from In Your Corner. We highly recommend them and their products – it is great to work with people who are well experienced, knowledgeable and deliver on their promise.”

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