Our Sanki Grill & Collaboration with Coal & Cotton!


Raise your glasses to the ‘fantastisch’ Coal & Cotton and our Sanki Grill collaboration!

A swanky Sanki Grill was all that Manchester’s Coal & Cotton needed to pull off its first ever Boothstown Oktoberfest. The pub’s trailblazing co-owner, Jason Green, transformed his outdoor terrace and welcomed customers to a weekend of scrummy food, steins of beer and plenty of music and laughter. While it may look like hospitality sector is grinding to a halt during this global pandemic, the team at the Coal & Cotton adapted to the current landscape and threw its biggest Bavarian-style celebration. And in the centre of all the outdoor fun was one of In Your Corner’s Sanki Grill – a versatile and stunning BBQ that not only wows guests but serves up the most delicious platters of food including grilled chicken, fish and sausages.

Sanki Grill and Pavillion

Richard Sleigh, managing director of In Your Corner, said: “When Jason contacted us about our Sanki Grill, I was delighted to hear that he was planning a weekend event in his pub’s garden. We immediately wanted to help because I know only too well what this year has been like for the hospitality sector. We always have the Sanki Grills in stock and it was very simple to get one to Manchester in time for the pub’s Oktoberfest. Our grills draw a crowd – it’s as simple as that. It’s a high-volume commercial BBQ that looks amazing and takes centre stage at any hospitality catering event.” Our Sanki Grills are made of stainless steel, robust and easy to clean. Another advantage is that the ash draw and hopper can be easily removed from the swinging grill – making clearing up a much simpler process.


Richard said: “We can’t allow Covid-19 and the global pandemic to close pubs and restaurants and leave more struggling to survive. The great outdoors is the answer and that is why we rushed to support Jason and the team at the Coal & Cotton by getting our Sanki Grill over to them as soon as we could. At In Your Corner we want to help save the hospitality industry by offering our range of outdoor products, which draw in crowds and boost revenue.”

The Worsley pub recently underwent a £750,000 makeover and now has its own gin distillery which produces its own Boothstown Gin. Formerly known as The Greyhound, it has a striking mural running the length of a wall overlooking the beer garden and a floral display at the front entrance. On its website it says everyone’s welcome, including dogs with well-behaved owners! Co-owner Jason, at the Coal & Cotton, said: “When we thought about organising our Boothstown Oktoberfest, did wonder whether we were doing it at the right time because of the coronavirus. But we have such an inviting outside area here and that’s when we decided to bring the inside outside and have the event in the pub garden. Then we started thinking about how we were going to feed our guests and that’s when we contacted Richard at In Your Corner to enquire about the Sanki Grill. When it arrived, we were thrilled with it and we had such a great time catering for all of our customers. The service from In Your Corner was excellent. The weekend was a real success and it has made us feel like we can overcome anything during this pandemic. I would like to thank all our loyal customers who came to support us and we certainly recommend In Your Corner to other hospitality venues.”

Interested in a Sanki Grill? We can supply them compete with a Pavilion or posh gazebo.

For help and advice, contact us and we’ll help make your venue and event as successful as the one at Coal & Cotton. Call the team on 0115 932 3955 or email info@in-your-corner.com

You can see more at www.coalandcotton.co.uk


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