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Tent Bars – designed to meet your needs for every occasion


We have 2 different kinds of Tent Bars available in a variety of styles and sizes, unlike our Umbrella Bars, which we custom design and build to the exact requirements of our customers.  These are Folding Tent Bars and Frame Tent Bars.  More details of the styles currently available within each of these groups can be found by clicking the links below.

Like the Pavilion Bars these Bars are easily transported from event to event and are suitable for use at all kinds of events from racecourse meetings to music festivals and more.

All of them are versatile and ideal for serving a variety of drinks and food from.  They provide ample opportunity to promote brands, sponsors, venues etc with the roof, side walls etc providing surfaces for printing your desired logos, corporate branding or promotional messages on.

With our years of experience operating bars and food outlets of all kinds as well as designing and building all manner of bars, we are very well positioned to understand what is important in terms of ergonomics, ease of use as well as design and set-up of bars. We therefore work closely with our clients to understand their needs to enable us to recommend the best solution for your event or venue.

Contact us today and allow us to work with you to create the best-looking Tent Bar on site.


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