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We have 3 models available in our very successful range of Sanki Swinging Grills.  They are beautifully designed and very stylish, high-quality European engineering.

These commercial barbecues are top of the range and enable you to create a unique and stunning atmosphere, helping you to draw the crowds, create theatre and become the central focal point at any event or venue.

The focus here is on our 3 models of swing grills, but if you are looking for something bespoke to your venue, our team have 25 years of experience in providing solutions for hospitality and events venues, having worked with many businesses to transform their outdoor spaces, so please contact us by calling +44 (0) 115 932 3955, emailing or by using our contact form.

Avanti Apres Lumiere
Sanki Swinging Grill – Avanti German Swing Grill – Warming Plate or hot holding grill & Rotator Sanki-Swinging-Grills-Commercial-Barbecue-Apres-Ash-Drawer-Hopper-Warming-Circle Sanki Swinging Grills Lumiere German Swing Grill Removable Ash Drawer Warming Circle
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