Maximise your outdoor space in 2022 with our bespoke Terrace Screens


Transform your pavement space or patio and create cosy alfresco dining with our windproof Terrace Screens.


Terrace Screens shield guests from the wind and provide the perfect solution if you want to transform your pavement space or patio.

Terrace Screens instantly create an enclosed area for outdoor dining and can add character to your pavement space, patio or beer garden – making it unique and even more welcoming.

Terrace Screens, or Pavement Screens can maximise your outdoor space, create a cosy dining area and keep customers coming back for more.

In the last two years, the hospitality sector has been forced to rethink the way it operates. Pubs, bars and restaurants needed a new way to operate and that meant reinventing their outdoor space and finding solutions to keep guests safe – and warm – throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

For our customers, windproof Terrace Screens have been the answer.


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Windproof Terrace Screens


Terrace Screens are key

Maximising your outdoor space is how to keep customers content when they’re dining outside.

Simple yet effective windproof Terrace Screens or Pavement Screens, are one way to get creative with the space you have. Thinking about how to utilise your terrace or patio, keeping guests warm and providing a welcoming area for them to spend time with family or friends, is absolutely key.

Even now, research shows many people are still reluctant to visit inside venues so if you need to extend seating cover outside, it’s probably time to consider windproof Terrace Screens.

As commercial outdoor hospitality suppliers, it’s our mission to create outdoor solutions to help your business thrive.

We are constantly searching the market to provide the best value, premium quality products to bring your outdoor areas to life.

Our Terrace Screens offer the perfect solution to develop and refresh your outdoor terrace, patio or pavement space – and we have three different types to tell you about.


Terrace Screens or Pavement Screens


1. Permanent Terrace Screens

If your outdoor dining area or drinks terrace needs a permanent wind break, we can supply Terrace Screens that can be bolted and fixed into the ground.

Our Terrace Screens, which are powder-coated and come in a range of colours, can really help to define your outdoor space and offer a stylish solution if you need to block out the wind.

Often found on the European café scene, Terrace Screens are a simple yet effective way to increase the comfort of customers – whether you’re offering pavement seating, providing extra dining space in your beer garden or want to define an area for a special event.


Permanent Terrace Screens


2. Portable Terrace Screens

Our Portable Terrace Screens are extremely popular. Customers, up and down the country, are buying our range.

What makes this product really appealing is the fact that these Portable Terrace Screens can be lifted and moved around to suit your layout, and brought in and out at the start and end of the day. Alternatively, you can leave them out long term.

These have been perfect for some of our customers with busy pavement seating that needs to be stored away at the end of opening hours or where they cannot be permanently fixed into the ground.


Portable Terrace Screens


3. Mobile Terrace Screens

If you need to shield guests from wind and rain, our Mobile Terrace Screens are a perfect solution. Like our Portable Terrace Screens, these are easy to manoeuvre, but our Mobile Terrace Screens have an added feature – they are fixed to castors and are also supplied with a Flower Box.

We can supply branded, made-to-measure Mobile Terrace Screens, complete with Flower Boxes to add to the aesthetics of your hospitality venue.

Teamed with other outdoor furniture, these Mobile Terrace Screens add wow to any outdoor seating area.

Our Mobile Terrace Screens can windproof your terrace and are easy to bring in and out when setting up and packing away.


Mobile Terrace Screens


Did you know?

Our range of top-quality terrace screens are manufactured here in the UK. They have been increasingly popular in the hospitality and events industry and teamed with one of our Parasols, they really do create a more defined area for diners.

In addition to our standard range of products, we are able to work with you to tailor make bespoke solutions to meet your specific installation requirements.

If you’d like to find out more, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest solutions or design a bespoke Terrace Screen for your specific installation requirement.


Cafe Terrace Screens


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