Pavement dining is here to stay!


Delight for businesses as Government announces plans to scrap pavement licences.


If you’re a hospitality business with an alfresco area, you’re probably celebrating right about now!



Pavement Dining



And if you don’t know what’s happened – we’ll tell you why it’s time to crack open a bottle of your finest plonk and enjoy the good news.


Here’s the breaking news…

Pavement dining and outdoor licences have been permanently scrapped. This means businesses will be able to serve food and drinks outside, 365 days of the year. FOREVER!

It’s happy days if you’re a hospitality business with an alfresco area – but are you ready?


It was just a temporary decision – but not anymore!

In the height of the pandemic, bars, pubs and restaurants were granted temporary permission by their local authority to serve food to guests outside.

Due to social distancing requirements, and to abide by Covid regulations, venues moved their tables outdoors and welcomed guests outside.

The temporary pavement licence was a real boost for businesses – especially as the hospitality sector was one of the hardest-hit sectors during Covid.


Get set to celebrate the summer season?

Scrapping the pavement licencing red tape is the Government’s way of trying to help the hospitality business get back on its feet.

Obviously, there are still challenges to face but let’s get your tills ringing while the sun shines!

Right now, your outside is just as important as your inside and that’s why it’s vital to keep customers warm and dry so they can enjoy it.

A well-designed weatherproofed area, complete with our Terrace Screens, Premium Commercial Parasols, Markilux Awnings and Pergolas, and stunning Table and Bench Sets, is how you’re going to generate more revenue and enhance customer loyalty.


Welcome the masses and transform your pavement space or patio

If you need to create a cosy alfresco dining space, why not consider our windproof Terrace Screens, Premium Commercial Parasols, Markilux Awnings and Pergolas and our range of stunning Table and Bench Sets?

Terrace Screens shield guests from the wind provide the perfect solution if you want to create an enclosed area for outdoor dining.

These products, like our Premium Commercial Parasols, can add character to your pavement space, patio or beer garden – making it unique and even more welcoming.

Simple, yet effective pieces of furniture, like our robust Table and Bench Sets, mean you can get creative with your space. Add one of our stunning Swinging Sanki Grills, and you really will bring theatre to your outdoor dining area.

Utilising your outdoor terrace or patio, keeping guests warm and providing a welcoming area for them to spend time with family or friends, is key.


We’ll help your business thrive

Now pavement dining and outdoor pint licences will be permanently scrapped, it’s great news and the control is now with hospitality venues.

The end of streamlined pavement licencing is a real boost for the hospitality sector. So, getting your pavement space in tip top condition has never been more important.

If you’re keen to navigate your way back to profitability, let us help you with our range of outdoor products – after all, we are the experts!

Terrace Screens, Premium Commercial Parasols and our stunning Table and Bench Sets are all you need to help get the party started – well, and us – of course!


Did you know?

Our team has more than 40 years of experience in the commercial outdoor and hospitality business.

We can source and produce the best products for you and can bring exciting ideas to your outdoor area.

Anything is possible. Work with us to transform your pavement area and you’ll be sure to enjoy a busy summer season.

Installing products, like Terrace Screens, Premium Commercial Parasols and Table and Bench Sets, is what we do best.


Don’t lose out on this life-saver!

Pubs, bars and restaurants are calling the Government’s announcement on pavement licences a ‘life-saver’.

It’s time for pubs, bars and restaurants to recover from the pandemic and get their businesses back on track. Independent hospitality businesses can now capitalise on the demand we’re seeing post lockdown.

Let’s celebrate together…. Cheers!


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