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Avanti Swing Grill – Introduction

Avanti Swing Grill – Our Entry level, high-quality premium commercial barbecue

If you are looking for the wow factor and to create a focal point for your outdoor hospitality area, or to create a themed outdoor catering area to serve all manner of items such as burgers, sausages to kebabs, lobster or even a hog roast, the German Swing Grill is the perfect solution, one of the best commercial outdoor bbqs on the market.

Our Avanti is the perfect entry level swing grill bbq for creating a focal point and to wow your customers, whilst taking the pressure off the kitchen team, particularly at busy times.

Available in different sizes:

  • 1200mm
  • 1400mm
  • 1500mm

If you are planning shorter spells of trading, the Avanti model is ideal.  If you are looking to provide a barbecue catering offering for longer or at an all day event, our Apres model will be better suited or  the Lumiere with the LED Lighting surround to create theatre and the wow factor.

Like our other 2 models – the Avanti has some great features and provides an abundance of benefits, all of which are detailed below

Sanki Swinging Grill – Avanti – Full View Image


Sanki Swinging Grill - Cooking Grate Creating Theatre with Burgers


Serious Alfresco Cooking

Each of the models within the range offers an abundance of features with the Avanti commercial grill offering the following:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Winch / winder operation – you can raise and lower the grill depending on what level of heat and speed of cooking is required for the items on the grill plate or whether you need to just keep items warm rather than continue to cook them
  • Stylish yet sturdy build – galvanised base with stainless steel surround
  • Large cooking space enabling large quantities and an assorted variety of different foods to be cooked quickly to serve large volumes of people.
  • Unique Swinging Grill & rotating feature is eye-catching and will draw the crowds
  • Easy to install ideally with 2 people
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No Gas required – cooking fuels, which can be used are coal, wood pellets.

Sanki Swinging Grill – Avanti German Swing Grill – Branded Octagonal Pavilion with special roof openings


Creating a focal point for your  venue or event

Like all models in the range the Avanti BBQ Swing Grill has many benefits or advantages over standard commercial bbq grills including:

  • 360˚ view of what’s cooking.  The chef can stay in one place whilst rotating the grill to ensure everything is cooking properly
  • Upgrades any venue or event enabling customers to be served quicker resulting in increased spend and stay time at the venue or event
  • Can be a permanent feature or kept for special events, gatherings or celebrations, whether that be a hotel barbecue, or private hospitality at a Golf Course, special event or theme days in the local Pub Beer garden or your local market.
  • Sets the outdoor space apart
  • Long-term investment
Sanki Grills & Pavilions

The Sanki Swinging Grill works extremely well with our Octagonal Pavilion, which is by far the most popular unit we sell to use the Grill with.  However our Hexagonal Pavilion or one of our Classic Folding Tents works equally as well and it really depends on customer preference and the space available at your venue or event as to which option you choose.

Either way, whether you purchase your Grill with a Pavilion or Folding Tent, we can create special roof openings as an optional extra, which enable good ventilation when being used for cooking food using a Sanki Swinging Grill or other cooking units you choose to use.

For more information about our Grills and Pavilions, please visit our dedicated Product Page here.

Branded Octagonal Pavilion with Sanki Swinging Grill with special roof openings

Options & Accessories

Versatile to meet your needs

These grills offer lots of versatility including:

  • 3 x sizes
    • Diameters of:
      • 1200mm
      • 1400mm
      • 1500mm
  • Freestanding or built in
  • Rotator – spin the grill facility to enable the grill to be rotated whilst the chef remains where he is

Barbecues & Grills - Sanki Swinging Grill – Rotator Attachment – enables Grill to swing round creating theatre and the wow factor – German Swing Grill

  • 2nd warming grill – to hold bread rolls or items cooked waiting to be served
Sanki Swinging Grill – 2nd Warming Circle with luscious sausages & bacon warming, whilst below food cooks on the main ring  

Barbecues & Grills - Sanki Swinging Grill – Warming Circles – for cooking on larger circle and keeping items warm on the upper circle - German Swing Grill

  • Tongs – most customers prefer to source their own
  • Fuel – coal, wood or pellets – we don’t recommend any specific fuel and most customers source their own preferred fuel
  • The swing grills work well with our Octagonal Pavilion and its special roof openings if you are looking to serve at an event and create your own food stand.
  • Alternatively one of our Folding Tents would also work, whilst we can also work with you to create a bespoke mobile counter section to build around the grill, something we are experts at.


Sanki Swinging Grills - Grills and Pavilions Creating Theatre with special roof openings

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Are you wanting to set your outdoor space apart from your competitors and offer something unique and eye-catching to your customers?  The Swing Grill is perfect for this.  For help and advice in choosing the right product for your needs, please contact us, to discuss with us your requirements.

Sanki Swinging Grill - Cooking Grate Creating Theatre with Burgers

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