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The professionals who tested these products were initially sceptical whether the meat would stick to the individual bars, or if the grills would keep rotating and they would actually be hindered in their work when providing for a party of people.

In fact they commented that it actually helped with their tremendous workload and the big advantage was the labour saving on the cleaning of the grills as well because of the high quality material used.

The professionals thought it was super and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Features & Extras
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Winch Operated
  • Black Galvanised Base
  • 3 Sizes:





Extras available are

  • Rotator
  • 2nd Warm Grill

The Sanki Swinging Grill range is extremely versatile to meet your business needs. The Grills can be freestanding or built in-situ into your outdoor hospitality area.


Sanki Swinging Grills draw a crowd – if you want them, in their thousands! This high-volume commercial Barbecue / BBQ will be the centre of attraction in your hospitality catering event – be it a hotel barbecue, or private hospitality at a Golf Course, special event or theme days in the local Pub Beer garden or your local market.


The Grills can be supplied complete with a Pavilion or a Folding Tent or alternatively, you could have a mobile counter section built around it.

For help and advice in choosing the right product for your needs, please contact us, so we can discuss and recommend the appropriate product.

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