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General Information - Introduction

Our Swing Grill models are perfect for creating a unique focal point and delivers the wow factor for any event or venue you where volume hot food catering is required, whether it be a wedding, county show, music festival etc

The cooking ring and warming ring (optional extra), suspended over a large charcoal-exposed area, can be raised, lowered, and rotated as well as swung to moderate the exposure to the coals and cooking temperature and speed.  The rotation action also saves the chef time by him remaining in one position whilst cooking, whilst the rotating & swinging action are what customers love to see and what draws the crowds.

We offer 3 models as follows:

  • Avanti
  • Apres
  • Lumiere

These all come in 3 sizes as follows:

  • 1200mm
  • 1400mm
  • 1500mm

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What are the differences between the 3 models?
Avanti Apres Lumiere
Sanki Swinging Grill – Avanti – Full View Image Sanki Swinging Grills Apres Ash Drawer Hopper Warming Circle Sanki Swinging Grills Lumiere Ash Drawer Hopper Warming Circle & LED Lights

As you can see from the above 3 images, the swing grill looks the same and offers the same cooking space (depending on what size you order) across each of the models.  However, you will note underneath both the Apres & Lumiere is a removable Ash Drawer and Hopper, plus the Lumiere has the added highlight of LED lighting around the casing

The Ash Drawer and Hopper are fitted to the Apres and Lumiere models, which are both recommended if you plan to use the swing grill for longer periods or all-day events and won’t have time to continually change the coals in the charcoal-exposed area.  The Ash Drawer and Hopper capture the ash.  It also ensures sufficient air circulation particularly during peak serving times.

The Lumiere model has the added highlight of the LED lights, which are extremely eye-catching and definitely draw the crowds to your gastro stand.  The LED lights can be retrofitted if desired.

Whether you order the Avanti, Apres or Lumiere you will be acquiring an asset, which will provide you with a revenue generator for a long time into the future, whilst also drawing the crowds.

Features & Benefits

Each of the models within the range offers an abundance of features providing quality, functionality and durability as follows:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Winch operation – you can raise and lower the grill depending on what level of heat and cooking is required for the items on the grill plate or whether you need to just keep items warm rather than continue to cook them
  • Stylish yet sturdy build – galvanised base with stainless steel surround – built to last
  • Large cooking space enabling large quantities and an assorted variety of different foods to be cooked quickly to serve large volumes of people.
  • Unique Swinging Grill feature is attention-grabbing and will draw the crowds
  • Easy to install ideally with 2 people
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No Gas required – cooking fuels, which can be used are coal, wood pellets.
  • Ideal for volume catering at large events or venues for long periods of time.

All models in the swing grill range have many benefits or advantages over standard commercial bbq grills including:

  • 360˚ view of what’s cooking. The chef can stand in one place whilst rotating the grill to ensure everything is cooking properly
  • Large cooking space enabling a variety of foods to be cooked all at the same time
  • Upgrades any venue or event enabling customers to be served quicker resulting in increased spend and stay time at the venue or event
  • Can be a permanent feature or kept for special events, gatherings or celebrations, whether that be a hotel barbecue, or private hospitality at a Golf Course, special event or theme days in the local Pub Beer garden or your local market.
  • Sets the outdoor space apart from competitors
  • Long-term investment
  • Creates theatre delivering all the wow you could ask for
  • Natural – if using natural hardwood lump charcoal as fuel, you ensure a natural cooking process with no additives or chemicals for clean and delicious cooking results

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Our Swing Grills can be bought as stand-alone items with customers sourcing their own unit to house the grill or they plan to place them in an area at their venue with queue management systems in place.  However, it is best to plan your purchase to include something to house your swing grill in and in your corner has some perfect solutions.

Our Octagonal or Hexagonal Pavilion both work very well providing the chef and their team space to cook and serve, whilst ensuring customer safety and that they don’t get too close to the grill and the heat.  Please see our Grills & Pavilions page for more details

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You also have the option to use a Folding Tent to house a Swing Grill.  We can recommend the best option to suit your needs to also include special roof openings if required.

Barbecues & Grills – Sanki Swinging Grills – Hexagonal Pavilion Charter Restaurant Salisbury

Our Swing Grills are perfect for use at wedding venues, gourmet events, street food markets, music festivals, tourist attractions such as Zoos etc.  No matter where you intend to use your swing grill you will find it creates theatre, eases the pressure on the kitchen team and creates and additional volume food catering option.


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Are you looking to set your outdoor space apart from your competitors and offer something unique and eye-catching to your customers?  Our Sanki Swinging Grills are perfect for this.

For help and advice in choosing the right product for your needs, please contact us, to discuss with us your requirements.



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