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Sanki Grills & Pavilions - Introduction

A Barbecue Swing Grill, no matter how you use it will create a focal point and deliver the wow factor at any event or venue.

You may already have planned where you are going to locate your new swinging grill at your venue or event, but if you are working from a blank canvas and looking for ideas or are attending an event, which requires you to house your cooking units, you might like to consider the Grill & Pavilion option.

Our Octagonal Pavilion is the most popular choice, but the smaller grill can be housed in the Hexagonal Pavilion.

Many venues such as zoos, stately homes, tourist attractions have opted for the Grill & Pavilion option, which enables them to keep customers safe whilst cooking is taking place.

Barbecues & Grills – Sanki Swinging Grills – Hexagonal Pavilion & Grill - Charter Restaurant Salisbury Street Food Stand

Branded Octagonal Pavilion with Sanki Swinging Grill with special roof openings

Grills & Pavilions Package Advantages

Using a Pavilion whether it be our most popular combination of a Grill and Octagonal Pavilion, or the Hexagonal Pavilion creates the ultimate professional looking outdoor kitchen and has advantages as follows:

  • Creates even more theatre than if you use the Grill on its own
  • 360° serving area enabling more people to be served and therefore leading to increased sales.
  • 360° cooking – the chef and assistants can move around the grill or remain in one place whilst rotating the grill
  • Pavilions are fully brandable – this includes the roof and base panels – with your corporate branding
  • Enables good queue management particularly if café barriers are used around the sides
  • Under-counter space for storage of food etc providing space for chest freezers or under-counter refrigeration units
  • Keeps catering team dry if inclement weather, enabling cooking and serving to continue except in very bad weather.
  • Pavilion Counters are suitable for storing condiments, housing cash tills etc.
  • Seating eg high bar stools or similar can be located around the Pavilion counters to allow customers to whilst waiting for food to be cooked or whilst they eat – adding social interaction with catering team.
  • Easy & quick to set up
  • Fully transportable & easy to store
  • Flooring options available for the Pavilion enabling staff comfort whilst standing.
  • Special roof openings for the pavilion (or tent if ordered) allow for suitable ventilation.
Further Pavilion Information

Our Pavilions – General Information Product Page provides details on set-up, further general features & benefits as well as storage options.

For specific information about the Pavilions, we recommend using with your Sanki Swinging Grill please visit our Octagonal Pavilion or Hexagonal Pavilion Pages as well as Pavilion Accessories Pages

Sanki-Swinging-Grills-Grills-Pavilions-Grill-Shack-Twycross Zoo – Venue Catering

Other Unit / Cover Options

The Octagonal Pavilion is the most popular combination with some customers opting for the Hexagonal Pavilion, but our Sanki Swinging Grills also work well with a Folding Tent particularly the Classic Tent.  However, although there are many similar advantages for using a Folding Tent, it won’t provide the same theatre and wow factor nor the 360° serving area, but what unit / cover option you choose depends on a number of factors including your needs, available space etc.

Barbecues – Sanki Swinging BBQ – Classic Folding Tent

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Are you looking to set your outdoor space apart from your competitors and offer something unique and eye-catching to your customers?  Our Sanki Swinging Grills with a Pavilion or Tent package are perfect for this.

For help and advice in choosing the right product & cover option for your needs, please contact us, to discuss with us your requirements.

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