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Dining Igloo – Helping create outdoor spaces that are out of this world


Suitable for domestic garden use bringing the inside outdoors


Open up the outdoors with our cosy garden dining igloos. Find your freedom with this outdoor dining option, which you can enjoy 365 days a year, whatever the weather.

The Dining Igloo is your very own social bubble enabling you to dine and / or relax with your family / social bubble. They also make super yoga studios, cosy reading rooms and mindful meditation spaces. All set up for alfresco relaxation and a place to wind down after a busy day.

Not only are they a fabulous addition to private gardens, but they are a cost effective temporary alternative to permanent structures and are used by Care Homes, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and other commercial venues to help them monetise their outdoor spaces whilst navigating their way through current COVID regulations

They are:

  • Super stylish for outdoor dining, relaxing, meditation etc whatever the weather
  • Easy to assemble
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Cosy lighting (3 stylish PHILIPS pendant lights)
  • Totally transparent enabling you to enjoy 360˚ views of your garden as each season passes

Thanks to its geodesic dome shape, it has a better airflow and more even temperature than conventional shaped rooms.

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Dining Igloo All-Weather Dining Pod on an outdoor street setting with table and chairs set

Features & Benefits

The Dining Igloo has many benefits including:

  • Quick & easy to install in next to no time
  • Bolt to the ground with aluminium brackets or use weights (available as added extras)
  • Maximise covers regularly throughout the year
  • Pop-up style pod enabling temporary solutions
  • 360˚ view of the world outside
  • No planning permission needed
  • No foundations needed
  • Portable
  • Frame: made of aerospace aluminium 6063
  • Cover: made of transparent 0.8mm PVC film
  • Protective sealed top, designed to withstand heavy snow and rain

Dining Igloo All-Weather Dining Pod on an outdoor garden setting with table and chairs set



  • 2-6 people
  • 3.03m diameter
  • 2.5m base diameter
  • 2.3m height
  • 60 kg



  • 4-10 people
  • 3.72m diameter
  • 3.2m base diameter
  • 2.5m height
  • 75 kg


Extra Large

  • Up to 16 people
  • 4.76m diameter
  • 4.2m base diameter
  • 2.7m height
  • 90 kg

Our Dining Igloos can be fitted with accessories such as:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Flowerbeds, which also act as weights

Contact us to discuss all options available

Freedom Pod Commercial & Domestic Solution with Flower Bed weight accessory


The Dining Igloo can be used in a variety of settings and for numerous activities including:

Office Pod – if you have been working from home since the beginning of the Pandemic and are finding your temporary work from home status is becoming more permanent and you are looking for an affordable option to have a dedicated office space at home, why not consider one of our Dining Igloos, which can be easily installed in your garden, with no planning permission or foundations needed. They are also easy to move around and disassemble if no longer required.

Garden Gathering Pod – with the British weather sometimes being unpredictable, you can’t always depend on the weather to enable you and your friends to gather together outside.  Whilst currently you are only allowed to meet outdoors in your garden in groups of 6, the Dining Igloo will enable you in the future to host your guests for longer outdoors.  We would not recommend the Dining Igloo is used for more than your family/social bubble at the current time.

If you are a Yoga or Pilates fan perhaps you are looking to take your activity outside, but are put off by the weather?  Well look no further as our Dining Igloo is so versatile you can install one in your garden for such purposes.

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If you are looking to create a unique garden setting for your family / social bubble or are a commercial venue looking to extend your outdoor hospitality space with something unique and quirky to offer your customers dining options throughout the year, contact us today.  Our Sales team will be happy to help

Dining Igloo All-Weather Dining Pod on an outdoor street setting with table and chairs set

Dining Igloo Commercial & Domestic Dining Solution with Flower Bed weight accessory

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