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Our Folding Tent Bars are one of the main applications our wide and varied customer base make of our world-class premium Folding Tent range of products

We have been supplying to among others Racecourses, Contract Caterers, Hotels, Golf Clubs, Music Festivals, Football Clubs, Festival Organisers & Event Organisers etc.

The Shop, Classic and Royal Folding Tents from the range are all ideal for use as Food and Drinks Bars in a variety of set-ups and circumstances.  Whilst below we detail the unique features, applications etc of each one, please take a look at our Folding Tent range pages, which provides General Information, Accessories information and details about each of the tents suitable for use as a food or drinks bar.

Folding Tent Bars – Classic Folding Tent – Red Pimm’s branding with front half-height side-wall with counter, full height side-walls and rear side-wall with door

Benefits of a Folding Tent Bar

We offer many options for bars depending on you, the customer’s individual requirements.  If you are looking for something, which is extremely portable our Folding Tent Bars are probably your best option with the following benefits:

  • Quick and Easy to set-up with no tools required
  • Easy transportation from event to event
  • Constructed with high-quality materials for durability and longevity
  • Range of sizes available
  • Facility to create a modular structure
  • More than 2 tents can be connected together
  • Variety of colours for roofs, walls and frames available (special colours available on request
  • Printing and Branding options available to enable you to stand out in the crowd
  • Range of accessories available to further enhance your Folding Tent Bar

More details about the above benefits can be found in General Information

Folding Tent Bars – Classic Folding Tent – Festival Bar with coloured frame

NEW PRODUCT - Cube Folding Tent Bar

We have added a new gazebo to the range of Folding Tents and along with all the other possible applications the Cube Gazebo is a perfect solution if you are looking for a portable bar solution with a unique & different look.  It is perfect for indoor or outdoor occasions alike.

It is currently only available as 3mx3m, but it still packs a punch with its greatest and best feature and benefit its valance, which is double the size of standard tent valances offering more advertising space and because of its increased size visibility in a crowded festival site is greater.

Because of its flat roof and therefore lower overall height in comparison to our other folding tents as well as others available on the market, it is ideally suited for areas (particularly indoors where there may be a height restriction due to overhead advertising boards, direction signs etc.

It’s unique and novel curved roof design with drainage system enables water to drain away without causing operators, customers or stock to get wet.

Fully branded Cube Tent Bar with half height side walls & fully branded back wall and counters for serving drinks from.

Outdoor showroom of Folding Tent Range including Cube Gazebo

Classic Folding Tent Bar

Our Classic Folding Tent Bar, based on the Classic Folding Tent, is very traditional in looks and appearance, but like all our range of Folding Tents it is by far the best quality traditional looking tent on the market, with customers continuing to use the same tent year after year, whilst it maintains the same standard as when they first bought it.

Offering endless possibilities for Bars for serving drinks and/or food from the Classic can be purchased singularly or in multiples to line up next to each other (using accessories such as rain gutter etc) to provide a long bar to serve multiple customers at once.

Green Heineken branded Classic Tent Bar in a row with green roofs and bespoke half height side walls and counters for serving drinks from.

Whatever your need for a bar, the Classic Folding Tent Bar is sure to meet your needs whether it be a bar welcoming cruise guests back on ship, a bespoke bar, champagne bar.

Celebrity Eclipse branded Classic Folding Tent with white branded roof and weights to stable the tent

Bespoke Drinks Bar with bespoke side walls and set-up for specific event

Bespoke Budweiser Drinks Bar with bespoke side walls and set-up for specific outdoor event

However, you may have a need for something less traditional in look and appearance.  If so, we have our Shop or Royal below.

Royal Folding Tent Bar

Our Royal Folding Tent Bar based on the Classic Folding Tent combined with stylish, elegant scalloped edging for the roof and the addition of elegant corner curtains the Royal is created.

The Royal Tent Bar is the very best for exclusive occasions, such as weddings to create a prestigious and elegant wedding bar.

Royal Folding Tent – Ecru in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in wedding garden setting
















It is also ideally suited as a halfway house at a golf club to provide shelter and somewhere to take a break particularly where golf courses don’t have a permanent structure.  Having a Royal Folding Tent Bar means it can be easily setup and taken down, providing flexibility in whether a halfway house is provided or not.  Sponsors can also add their branding.

Royal Folding Tent Bar – Red in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in Golf Course halfway house setting

Shop Folding Tent Bar

Our Shop Folding Tent Bar benefits from the awning system, which creates shelter for customers, whilst waiting to be served as well as ambience and impact.

Whilst often supplied as retail stands, the Shop is also ideally suited within the Folding Tent Bar range for serving food and drinks of all kinds, working well as a Gin Bar for example, creating impact and standing out in the crowd particularly when situated at busy festivals.

Yellow Folding Tent with awnings and half height side walls situated in a beach situation

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If you are looking for a bar option, which is easy and quick to set-up, easy to transport, but still creates the wow factor, then maybe one of our Folding Tent Bar options meets your needs? Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and aims and we will work with you to create the best-looking bar area you can wish for.

Bespoke Festival Bar branded Classic Folding Tent Bar with green coloured frame and roof flags

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