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Premium Champagne Umbrella Bar with Laurent Perrier Branding and white umbrella shade on a VIP hospitality area at a high profile sporting event

Our premium Champagne Bars are all bespoke and specifically exclusive to each customer’s requirements.  We take challenging operational briefs from you, our client and work with you from initial concept through to design and ultimate installation of the umbrella bar at your event or venue.

Event Bars are an integral part of any event, from a major sporting event like Royal Ascot, a music festival to a family wedding and these bars would not look out of place at any of these or many more such venues or locations.

Although called Champagne Bars, they are not just designed for serving premium champagne brands from.  The style and design of these bars is suitable for any premium drinks brand be it champagne, wine, prosecco, gin etc.  We are happy to discuss and recommend the best solution for your event and/or venue, but rest assured we will create the best bar to exceed your expectations and help drive revenue.


Bespoke manufacture with high quality materials


With our fabrication team and our joinery team we are in an excellent position to design and build your event bar to your specific requirements.

view of one side of a wooden champagne outdoor event bar located at a high profile sporting venue

We mainly supply stainless-steel bars, but we manufacture wooden structures too and we will always recommend what we think best suits your event and the environment, taking your vision and ideas, with our experience to bring your bar to life and practical reality on site in time for your event.


Premium Bars with all essential features


Our bars are top quality by design and we think of everything in terms of features with all our bars designed to incorporate at least the following:

  • Electrics and networking including certification to enable use of cash tills, lighting etc
  • Refrigeration
  • Anti-Fatigue matting for the comfort of your bar operators
  • Sturdy flooring
  • Ice wells
  • Umbrella and all necessary fittings and balast
  • Modular Bar Units, which can be used at smaller events.
  • Storage and shelving

We are happy to discuss specific requirements and work with clients.

Sizes & Specifications

Size & Specifications custom-made to your requirements


We work with our clients to design and build an event bar to meet their requirements and as a result although most of our bars have been similar sizes we work in partnership with you to achieve the best customer satisfaction.

Close up shot of a bespoke wooden champagne umbrella event bar at Ascot Racecourse, showing the bar counters and umbrella shading operators from sun or rain.



Personalise your bar with unique branding opportunities


We know how important it is to stand out from the crowd and create an identity for your champagne bar, whilst increasing brand awareness.

Whether it be corporate branding for the event venue or specific branding for the champagne etc, we design the champagne bar with surfaces suitable for affixing vinyl graphics to, meaning it is possible to utilise different branding on each side of the bar if you wish as well as to change the branding each time the bar is used.

We can support you with advice and recommendations as to the best way to use the areas for promotional opportunities.

Stability & Durability

Robust, Durable & Stable by Design


With tried and tested methods when we install these champagne bars for the first time we ensure stability is centre of our attention for both the umbrella and all the bar units.  Additionally all materials used are designed to endure most weather conditions, but we always recommend that our customers use their own discretion as to whether the bar can be used in the weather conditions presented to them during their event.

Stainless-Steel Champagne Bar counter showing some branding underneath with bottles of premium champagne brands

Storage & Portability

Designed with storage & portability in mind


Our design team always ensure that the design of the champagne bar includes the necessary functionality to enable the bar to be transported about according to the requirements of our client.

The modular design ensures the bars are sufficiently mobile to enable each unit to be manoeuvred separately or to be lifted and positioned using a forklift or pallet truck.

Delivery & Installation

Installations across UK & Europe


Working with our client, we deliver the event bar and umbrella and work with them to install everything in a timely manner.  We supply a detailed manual with instructions for de-rig and future installations, but are always available way after we have supplied the bar to provide advice and guidance on future set-up and best ways to maximise your revenue.

Stainless-steel champagne bar installation



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