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the Forze Parasol

Introducing the Forze… heavy-duty, luxurious, one of a kind


We are thrilled to introduce our newest product, the Forze umbrella.


Being an In Your Corner product means you can be assured that the Forze is high quality, built to last, and a solid investment for the future.


What makes the Forze stand out from the rest?


  • All parts, moulds and extrusions are designed specifically for the Forze umbrella, for ultimate, unmatched performance.
  • All materials and parts are marine grade and interchangeable.
  • A gearbox opening system.
  • A unique, triple interlocking aluminium profile design for unrivalled strength.
  • A telescopic system that is designed to raise the arms whilst closing, enabling it to close over furniture.
  • Sprung loaded arms keep the cover taught and tensioned.
  • All moving and pivoting joints are made from stainless steel plates set into marine grade nylon.
  • All parts are kept in stock and are easily replaceable.
  • Large stock of frames and canopies for quick delivery
  • LED Lights and heating systems.
  • 3-year guarantee on frame and canopy.


Key Features

Our Forze umbrella comes with unrivalled key features… 


A Robust Frame Design – Custom aluminium 6063 profiles have been designed to ensure a lightweight and robust solution for both our commercial and high-end residential users. A 3-year guarantee is offered as standard on all of our powder coated frames and for large commercial projects, we are able to offer a custom powder coating service.

The Forze's robust frame design


Connections – All moving and pivoting joints are made from stainless steel plates set into marine grade PA66 nylon for less wear and ultimate strength. All fastenings are marine grade stainless steel, opposed to competitors parasols which are metal on metal which wear and loosen over time.

forze connections


Self-tensioning System – The Forze uses a maintenance free, stainless steel, sprung loaded, self-tensioning system designed to ensure the parasol stays taut and tensioned at all times which gives the canopy a longer life.

a maintenance free, stainless steel, sprung loaded, self-tensioning system


Reinforced Ribbing – The arms/ribs have a unique, triple interlocking aluminium profile design for unrivalled strength, making them almost indestructible.

Reinforced Ribbing


Parasol Hat – We offer two hat options, a cone hat which follows the angle of the canopy or a more rounded form of our parabolic version.

cone shaped parasol hat
cone parasol hat
Rounded parasol hat
rounded parasol hat


Operation – Users can open and close the parasol using a stainless steel handle with a geared winch system. The parasol could also be opened with a cordless drill.

stainless steel handle with a geared winch system


Shapes and Sizes

The Forze comes in three shapes – square, rectangle and round – and multiple sizes.


Square: 3m x 3m to 5m x 5m (increasing in half-metre increments)

Square Forze


Rectangle: 3m x 4m to 4m x 5m (increasing in half-metre increments)

rectangle forze


Round: 3m to 4.5m diameter (increasing in half-metre increments)

round forze

The XL Forze

The big brother of our Forze umbrella – the Forze XL – uses a revolutionary Forze canopy system, which uses individual triangle sections that slide and lock into the profile of the rib. By using this revolutionary system, the canopies are:


  • stronger than other, large conventional canopies
  • more waterproof
  • Lasts longer – puts less stretch or strain on the material and sewn seams
  • Sections can be easily changed without the need to replace the entire canopy, saving money and time.


The XL Forze comes in these shapes and sizes…


Square: 5m x 5m to 6m x 6m (increasing in half-metre increments)

Square Forze XL


Rectangle: 4m x 6m to 5m x 7m (increasing in half-metre increments)

Rectangle Forze XL


Round: 6m, 6.5m or 7m diameter 
Round Forze XL


Fabric Colours, Printing and Branding

To enable you and your brand to be as individual and as unique as you would like, we offer you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd with our unique branding and colour options.

The Forze is fully customisable.


forze parasol colours



Our bases offer stability in even the strongest of conditions. We have a variety of designs available to anchor your parasol.


LED lighting

We use 3000k warm white LED strip lights as standard. The length of the strip depends on the size of the umbrella to give the perfect amount of light. The strips fit seamlessly into the extrusion of the arms for a neater design.


Optional Heaters

The Forze heating system includes: Internal wiring incorporated with in the mast for the infrared heaters and lights; Adjustable height for the heaters to suit every installation; Integrated Push-for-Heat button; and closing with auto cut off for the heater system. Each of the four heaters output an impressive 1.5KW to 2KW of thermal energy, ensuring instant warmth for your guests.


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