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Mobile Bars - Introduction

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium Umbrella Bars in the UK, we are the best choice for Mobile Bars.  Whilst our Umbrella Bars (Champagne & Sail & Canopy Bars) are designed to be relatively permanent structures at events such as Royal Ascot, they are still mobile in that they can be dismantled and moved from one location to another.

Taking the design of our Umbrella Bars, we have worked with several clients to design modular mobile bar versions, which have castors to enable easy manoeuvrability, but each bar is still custom-built and adapted to individual customer needs, with the facility to have as many or as few sections as required.

If you have plans, photos, drawings, sketches or just the idea in your head, call us to discuss and, we will take your concept and bring your idea to life.

Below is a concept design of how a mobile bar set-up could look.  Each of the individual sections (Craft Ale, Wine Bar, Gin Bar) can be used together or as individual units located around a festival site or themed areas at events.

Bespoke Products – Mobile Carts – Mobile Bars – Custom Modular Design

Bespoke Products – Mobile Carts – Mobile Bars – Custom Modular Design Branded & Themed

Design & Materials

As with all our bespoke design products, we work with you, our client, to meet your objectives in terms of design and use the best materials based on your brief.  This can be stainless steel, aluminium, or wood. We have skilled craftspeople both in our joinery shop and metal fabrication unit who can transform your concept into a mobile bar unique to you.

Lengths we generally manufacture are: 1.5m, 1.8m or 2.0m, but will always work with you to create the best size to suit your needs.

The image below shows an example of a standard mobile bar section, which can be adapted and designed to create a bar of your choice.


You can create a bar to the length you require with additional standard units, incorporating sink units, electrical connection units etc.  To finish off your bar, you can add corner units at either end or create a bar in a u-shape, l-shape, square, rectangular, combining standard units and corner units to meet your requirements and the space you have available at each event you attend, giving you the greatest flexibility possible.


Above are examples of stainless steel bar units  We can create bar units in the best material for your project – stainless steel, aluminium or wood.

Bespoke Products – Mobile Carts – Mobile Bars – Custom Modular Design – Stainless Steel Standard Unit - Storage

Bespoke Products – Mobile Carts – Mobile Bars – Custom Modular Design – Stainless Steel Corner Unit & Refrigeration

Other Options

As well as standalone individual units on castors, we design and manufacture foldable bar options too.  They are still mobile, easy to store and move about from venue to venue and event to event.  Below is an example

Bespoke Products – Moveable Carts – Drinks Unit – Custom Modular Foldable Branded Design

Equipment & Features

Designed with not just the operator in mind, but also the customer at the heart of the design, we create multipurpose units or specific use bars to house equipment of your choice and specific to the business venture including:

  • Draught-dispense
  • Champagne, Pimms, Gin Prosecco etc
  • Refrigeration
  • Sink Units for both hand wash facilities and wastewater
  • Storage Cupboards
  • Product & Price Boards
  • Other equipment / vending units as required

Other features we incorporate are

  • Facilities for electric hook-up to ensure the equipment functions throughout the day
  • Lighting etc

Acquiring one of our mobile bars will provide many benefits including:

  • Bespoke UK Design & Manufacture, unique to you and your brand helping you stand out in the crowd
  • Professional workspace for operators
  • Designed for outdoor and indoor use
  • Operator & End-customers always at the forefront of each design
  • Custom-built means exactly that
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Modular design – order as many units and use them in a variety of formats
Colours & Branding

With the unique bespoke design also comes the opportunity to include your own corporate branding, logos, sponsor branding etc including matching Product & Pricing Boards

view of one side of a wooden champagne outdoor event stand located at a high profile sporting venue

Storage & Manoeuvrability

All units are designed to be easy to transport and move about, with castors being used, which have brakes to prevent movement when the cart is being used at a venue or event.  Handles and other features to assist in easy movement can also be included

Contact Us

If you have the idea of what you would like your mobile bar to look like, our highly skilled team can make it happen and help you with your business expansion.  Or If you’re seeking to start a new business, then you have come to the right place. We are constantly evolving and diligently working to create carts with style, whilst adapting to new market demands and requirements. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Bespoke Products – Carts – Drinks Stands – Custom Modular Design

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