Leisure Collection - Rimini

Picture a combination of timeless elegance with refreshing modernity and sophisticated design and unimaginable comfort and you are envisioning our Rimini Furniture.

Powder painted aluminium with large shaped cushions reflects the newest of trends and the range enables you to add style, charm and elegance to any hotel terrace, restaurant reception etc.

Simple and geometrical shapes and soft cushions highlight the excellence of this collection.

Rimini works well with and complements our Adriana Dining Set

Rimini Furniture is available as:

  • Armchair
  • Sofa – 2 and 3-person sofa
  • Sofa with left and right armrest
  • Table

Coffee Lounge Set Sofas and Table

Tables, Armchairs & Sofas with parasols in a decked veranda setting

Leisure Collection Veranda Set – Rimini Armchair Specification

Width: 97 cm

Depth: 88 cm

Height: 75 cm


Rimini Sofas are available in 2 styles

  • Standard (2-person & 3-person) and
  • Right and Left Armrest version
Leisure Collection Veranda Set – Rimini 2-person sofa Specification – Standard Sofa

Width: 230 / 288 cm

Depth: 88 / 88 cm

Height: 75 / 75 cm

Leisure Collection Veranda Set – Rimini Right Armrest Sofa Specification – Right and Left Armrest Sofa

Width: 201 / 201 cm

Depth: 88 / 88 cm

Height: 75 / 75 cm

Leisure Collection Veranda Set – Rimini Table Specification

Width: 124 cm

Depth: 70 cm

Height: 30 cm

Frame Colours

The Aluminium frames are available in black (RAL 9005), graphite (RAL 7021), grey aluminium (RAL 9007), grey brown (RAL 8019), chocolate brown (RAL 8017), ruby red (RAL 3003), dark green (RAL 6009), signal blue (RAL 5005), Purple Violet (RAL 4007)

Metal & Wooden Furniture Frame Colours Chart

Cushion & Material Colours

Cushions are available in a variety of colours as below

Colour Scheme range for cushions and materials

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Leisure Collection Veranda Set – Rimini Table and sofas outside a lakeside restaurant setting

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