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Jumbo- Introduction

Jumbella Parasol, our super reinforced model, the giant umbrella for larger of outdoor spaces

Our stylish Jumbella Parasol joins Bella in our centre pole range of commercial parasol and is our super reinforced model, offering the ideal shade solution where larger areas need to be covered by one or more structures.  Whether you are in the hospitality industry, a commercial organisation, or a residential customer with a larger than average outdoor hospitality area, our Jumbella Parasol is perfect.  Like our Bella Parasol, for your hospitality area it offers you timeless styling, unrivalled quality, reliability, and durability.  For our Umbrella Bars we also recommend our Bella or Jumbella Parasol

Manufactured with large centre poles and super reinforced arms, the Jumbella Parasol gives you an extremely large, robust and durable umbrella, which can be used all year round.

If you are looking to create the right ambience and provide comfort and a safe oasis from rain or blazing hot sunshine on your larger than normal hospitality courtyard, the Jumbella Parasol will give you all this and more.

As with all our products, we will work with you to advise and support you in making the right decision for the area you are looking to cover, but rest assured we will help you develop an outdoor  to enable you to offer your customers safe dining options whilst socially distancing, with the possibility to complement your parasol choice with options from our other product ranges such as outdoor furniture

Please scroll down for the details about:

  • Key Features
  • Shapes and Sizes
  • Fabric Colours
  • Technical Data
  • Bases
  • Printing and Branding
  • Accessories

Elegant Jumbo Parasol offering the ideal shade solution, providing super reinforcement in the framework and arms

Giant Jumbo Commercial Parasol ideal for hospitality industry to extend their larger outdoor terraces

Key Features

As with the Bella Parasol, the Jumbella Parasol has unrivalled key features

  • Telescopic drive opening mechanism
  • Aluminium anodised frame – colour options of your choice available
  • Premium acrylic fabric – UV protected and fade resistant
  • Resistant to changing weather conditions and strong wind
  • Facility to equip your parasol with lighting to enhance the user experience in the evening
  • 8 strong aluminium cross arms
  • Various Base Options to adapt to any type of ground
  • Cover finishes with or without valance

Premium Champagne Umbrella Bar with Laurent Perrier Branding and white umbrella shade on a VIP hospitality area at a high profile sporting event

Shapes & Sizes

The Jumbella Parasol is available in range of sizes and shapes, ensuring we have something to satisfy almost any project.  Bespoke sizes are also available on request, but any bespoke sizes we create are exempt from certain wind ratings, which we can advise on during quotation process.

  • Round

5.5m diameter up to 9.0m diameter in half metre increments

  • Square

5.5m x 5.5m up to 8.0m x 8.0m in half metre increments

  • Rectangular

6.0m x 4.0m up to 8.0m x 7.0m in half metre increments

A stainless-steel bespoke design outdoor champagne umbrella bar with bar counters, rounded corners, large umbrella in centre with refrigerators in the centre with room for personnel to serve premium champagne or other premium drinks at high profile sporting events and venues

Fabric Colours & Printing & Branding

Offering unique branding options as unique as your corporate identity & hospitality space

To enable you and your brand to be as individual and as unique as you would like it to be, we offer you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd with our unique branding and colour options.

Your Jumbella Parasol framework including the pole and arms, can be powder coated in almost any RAL colour of your choice.

All acrylic membranes are available with or without valances and again available in a wide range of colours. It is also possible to mix and match colours to enable you to create a parasol completely unique to your individual project or brand.

If you require UV specifications for your chosen colour please contact us

Giant Bella Parasol with bespoke contrasting framework and fabric colours ideal for hospitality industry to extend the outdoor terrace including river terraces


There are various types of base available as follows:

  • In-ground mounting base – if you do not plan to move the Jumbella parasol around and change your seating area this is by far the best option for you with a hinged option also available

Portable Base Plate fixing alternative for Elegant Umbrella when other base options are not possible

  • Ground Plate – this is a good strong fixing for when other options are not possible and is ideal for hard floors, metal structures or decking. Hinged options and bespoke size plates are also available if required

Ground Plate fixing for Elegant Umbrella for hard floors, metal structures or decking

  • Portable Base – 2 options with either adjustable feet or lockable wheels, available for when no other option is possible for your parasol installation.  However, this is not recommended for installations in extremely windy locations, which would require additional fixings and weights.

Portable Base Plate fixing alternative for Elegant Umbrella when other base options are not possible

  • Bespoke Bases – please contact us to discuss your installation requirements

Accessories providing comfort all year round

Accessories are available, which can increase the practicality of our Jumbella Parasol and extend the time people are able to spend outdoors well into the evening, enabling you to increase your revenue and maintain service throughout the year.  These include:

  • LED Lighting Kits – available in cool or warm white, with other colours available.  The warmth of the soft light offers attractive lighting to tempt customers to stay outdoors longer, which ultimately increases business and revenue for you. The kits are fitted onto the umbrella arms. Hardwire options with a switch inside your building or a remote control kit is available. Bespoke or alternative lighting options can also be supplied.  Contact us to discuss your options.
  • Infrared Heating Kits – robust and reliable heaters in white, black or silver as standard are available in 1.0 or 1.5 kw.  These can be coated to a different colour to match branding options you choose.  The number of heaters required depends on the size of parasol you choose and can like the Lighting options either be controlled by a switch in your building or via a push button on the parasol itself

We fit heaters onto the folding arms, although we can also offer alternative fixings if required.

Options available for your heating and lighting choices are:

  • Push button for heat,
  • timer delay switch,
  • auto cut off,
  • key switch,
  • lighting remote control

Heating and Lighting displayed on a Stylish Parasol ideal for hospitality industry to extend their outdoor terrace

Other options available to enhance your outdoor hospitality space

  • Terrace Screens – if you are looking to create a bespoke & defined outdoor space to surround your commercial parasol, why not take a look at our Terrace Screens pages.

Giant Bella Parasol ideal for hospitality industry to extend their outdoor terrace

Contact Us

If elegance, style and premium quality are what you are looking for in your next terrace parasol or umbrella and you have a larger area to cover, perhaps the Jumbella parasol is the right choice for you.  Please contact us today to discuss your project and installation, which we would love to work with you on.

Elegant Jumbo Parasol offering the ideal shade solution, providing super reinforcement in the framework and arms

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