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Folding Tent Accessories to enhance your premium gazebo


Our philosophy of high quality is evident throughout the range of folding tent accessories, designed to both complement your quality Folding Tent and to make it convenient, easy to use, safe, stable and comfortable.

Our Premium Gazebos are tailor-made with a complete line of accessories that allow you to create modular pop-up arrangements with structural additions such as multi-tent clamping and the convenience of the rain gutters, attractive wood counters, lighting, heating kits etc.

All folding tent accessories are easy to install with no special tools required and can be purchased at the same time as you order your folding tent, or they can be bought separately at a later date.

Folding Tent Accessories – weights for placing at each leg/corner to ensure tent remains stable

Rapid Set-Up Counter

Counters to create the perfect sales stand


The sturdy counter can be easily and quickly attached to the tent frame with clamps. It can be attached to one or more sides of the tent. Messages and graphics can be printed on the sides of the counter, providing you with additional advertising space for products or trade names. It can be easily dismantled and transported in its own carrying case with no tools required.  Perfect when you are using your folding tent as a sales stand.

Folding Tent Accessories – wooden counters for displaying products and serving products to customers


Whether you want a closed or open folding tent, there is a solution to meet your needs


The walls are made of polyester and are fastened using Velcro fasteners. The features and benefits of having walls are:

  • Promotional information can be printed on their entire surface.
  • The walls can be full providing more ‘printing’ surface; or,
  • they can include elegant cathedral windows.
  • They can include a door, which is closed with a zipper from inside and out and can be rolled up and fastened away using Velcro fasteners.
  • The wall can be half-height and using a crossbar, will be perfectly stretched in position.
  • A partition wall is also available as an internal space divider enabling you to use one tent for selling whilst storing products for example.
  • If full height side-walls are used they close tightly at the corner post preventing moisture and wind from getting into the tent.

The choice is yours to make your folding tent as unique as you want it to be

Folding Tent Accessories – side walls with doors, windows, full height or half height and printing available

Roof Flags & Banners

Increase your visibility & make your presence felt whilst promoting your brand or products



With events of any kind being busy frenetic places, you can make your presence felt with a flag on the roof of your folding tent and rise above the competition.  Our flags can also be attached to the side of the Tent, or, are also available as freestanding ground flags and are available in a variety of sizes and set up takes no time at all.

Folding Tent Accessories – roof flags for showcasing and promoting your event stand


Banners are slightly different, but still enable you to make your presence felt and stand out in the crowd at events or festivals.  Make your logo even more visible with a banner on the roof of your folding tent. Our banners are also available as a freestanding option to place on the ground near to your stand and are available in a variety of sizes with set up taking no time at all.

Folding Tent Accessories – roof banners for showcasing and promoting your event stand

For both Roof Flags and Roof Banners our premium folding tents have patented fittings for this purpose and promotional information can be printed on the flags and banners.

Connecting Clamp

Join two or more tents & gain extra stability


The special connecting clamp joins and stabilises two or more tents, even if the profile sizes do not match, but are only suitable for joining tents supplied by in your corner.  We cannot guarantee that this fitting will work with tent from other suppliers.

Connecting Clamp to join 2 or more in your corner tents regardless of profile size

Base Plates & Weights

Ensure everything remains in place


Portable, galvanised, corrosion-proof steel base plates or weights are recommended for maximum stability. More than one set of plates can be stacked for increased stability. They can even be used when several tents are connected in the modular system using the connecting clamp.

Base Plates or Weights recommended for greater stability of your tent


Ensure maximum stability & optimise the appearance of your tent


The Crossbar with keder profile is optional, but highly recommended to ensure maximum stability. It perfectly stretches the side wall and optimises the appearance of the sidewall making it look more professional.

Crossbar recommended to provide extra stability and stretching the sidewall for optimal appearance

Rain Gutter

Keep everything dry


The Rain Gutter is easily mounted between two tents using Velcro fasteners. The water is drained away from the covered tent area. A version that can be used between a tent and a wall is also available.  This means you can continue to trade whatever the weather and keep everything dry under the canopy with rain draining off through the gutter.

Rain Gutter mounted between 2 tents to enable water to drain away and keep equipment, personnel etc dry & to continue to trade

Transport Wheels

Effortlessly move your tent around 


Wheels make transporting the tent effortless. They are attached to the tent pole foot of an open or closed tent by means of a spring lock. No tools are necessary. They come in two sizes. The small set is good on hard ground, but for those who need to transport the folding tent over grass, stone roads, crushed rock, etc, the larger set is recommended.

Transport Wheels – easily fixed to the feet of your tent to transport it around


Keep operators warm to continue serving your customers


To keep you and your personnel warm on cold days, whilst serving customers at events, festivals etc, a 1500-watt heater can be installed on the central upper post or on the tent poles.  No tools are needed. To organise the cables in your tent universal clips are provided, with every tent.  You can easily fix the cables to the frames. The universal clips (see below for details) are ideal for tidy cable routing and can be used as coat hangers too.

Heater fitted to Folding Tent frame with universal clips securing the cables


Create the right atmosphere with 2 lighting options


On dark or dull days, without additional light your folding tent may look unwelcoming or lack light for personnel to operate comfortably, but with your 150-watt flood light you can create the light required as well as atmosphere regardless of the weather or time of day your tent is being used.

Like with the heater the lighting, which consists of 3 150-watt flood lights can be mounted on the tent frame.  No tools are needed for installation and to neatly organise the cables universal clips (see below) are available, which enable you to easily affix the cables to the frame.  The universal clips not only serve as a great option for tidy cable routing, but they can also be used as coat hangers.

Lighting Folding Tent Accessories fitted to the folding tent frame

LED Lighting is also available

LED Lighting Folding Tent Accessories fitted to the folding tent frame

Smoking Tent

Create an outdoor smoking area


We can supply a specifically designed roof to create an outdoor smoking area.  The smoke escapes through the air openings in the roof whilst rain, snow etc is prevented from entering inside the tent through the openings, which create a ventilation system.

Smoker’s roof to create a smoking area. Roof vents enable smoke to escape, whilst preventing rain etc to enter tent

There is also a fitting available for existing roofs to convert them to a Smokers’ Tent that still has acceptable air quality. A protective Rain Shield prevents rainwater from entering.

Smoker’s roof conversion to create a smoking area. Enables smoke to escape, whilst a protective rain shield prevents rain etc to enter tent

Carry Case & Securing Strap

Fasten your tent securely


A high-grade professional securing strap with an adjustable clip is used to secure the tents and maximise stability. Various types of steel tent pegs, mallet etc are included in the standard package.

Each of our premium gazebos comes with its own protective cover.

A high-grade professional securing strap with an adjustable clip & peg is used to secure the tents and maximise stability.

Corner Curtains

Create an elegant appearance for your Royal Tent


The corner curtains are available for the Royal Folding Tent and give an elegant appearance to this version of the folding tent range. The ‘Royal’ line is unique and differs significantly from all other conventional tents. These tents are designed with special events and important guests in mind.  See Royal Tent for further details.

Ecru corner curtains showing some of the sky ceiling available for this line of tent

Royal Sky

Give your Royal Tent a cosy & warm atmosphere


The elegant sky material in ecru gives the ‘Royal‘ line a very complete and elegant appearance. The sky can be assembled quickly and covers the aluminium / wood construction. Additional charm is shown to its advantage at night and the lighting gives a cosy warmth to your tent and a breath-taking atmosphere.  Only available for the Royal Folding Tent.

Ecru internal sky material fitted to the roof of the tent hiding the metal structure and creating elegance.

Universal Clip

Hang your coats away & secure and tidy cabling


Universal clips are available for securing cabling for lights & heaters to the frame, whilst at the same time keeping the cabling tidy and out of the way to ensure safety of all operators within the folding tent serving area.  The Universal clips are also useful for hanging coats, aprons etc on.

Folding Tent Accessories – Universal Clip for hanging clothes on or securing wires from heaters etc to the frame

Central Connector

Create an aesthetically pleasing look & keep wet out of the tent


Along with the rain gutter, our connecting curtain made of polyester is recommended. It is placed in the middle of two tents with the help of a Velcro-fastener and in combination with a sidewall and a gutter it prevents the raindrops falling inside the tent and, thus, you remain completely dry and the line of the tent is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye with the tent structure hidden.

Folding Tent Accessories – Central Connector – a strip of polyester affixed between 2 tents hiding the tent structure to keep wet weather out of the tent


Make your Classic Folding tent more versatile


If you have already got a Classic folding tent and are thinking you need a new tent to create a retail stand with cover for customers waiting to be served, you may be surprised to know that we can supply an awning as an accessory for you to bolt onto the sides of your tent with special clamps.

Enhance your Classic Folding Tent with this unique Awning Folding Tent Accessory to create shelter for your customers.

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