Folding Tents - Classic

Classic – Folding Tent – Traditional look, but the best quality


Our Classic Folding Tent is as the names suggest more traditional in look and appearance, but is far from being the same as other gazebos available on the market due to the highest quality materials and methods being used during the production process

It still offers the same range of possibilities to help your brand connect with your customer and stand out in the crowd enabling you to attract attention to your business across a crowded exhibition hall, festival site etc.

The Classic Gazebo offers the same professional standards and configuration possibilities as any of our other Folding Tents.  It provides the option for using Roof Flags or Banners (See Accessories) to draw the crowds from all areas of any event indoors or outdoors.

Offering the same ease of use, set-up (see General Information) as the other Folding Tents in the range, you will be ready to serve your customer, promote your product etc before the event has even officially opened!

Laurent Perrier pink branded 6m x 3m Folding Tent Bar with full back and side-walls with half height front walls with counters and roof flags.


Application possibilities are as unlimited & as individual as your brand is


All our Folding Tents are as versatile as our customers want them to be and the Classic Folding Tent is no exception.  It offers endless possibilities from being used as a Premium Champagne Bar to a Product Sampling Stand at an exhibition.

Sizes and configuration options are endless depending on your requirements ie do you need an open covered area for people to sample & discuss your products or do you need a closed area for personnel to serve customers with food, drink etc?  Whatever your requirement, we are confident we can supply you with the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Below are some examples of how some current clients use their Classic Folding Tent

  • Many Cruise Lines use Gazebos at the gangway as an information point and to welcome cruise guests back after their day in port with refreshing drinks etc whilst also protecting their personnel from the weather, whether it is raining or blazing hot sunshine.

Celebrity Eclipse branded Classic Folding Tent with white branded roof and weights to stable the tent


  • Some of our customers in contract catering purchase plain coloured tents and create their own signage boards promoting what they are selling depending on what they are serving at which event, whilst also having the facility to purchase specific roof flags or banners (see Accessories).  This shows the versatility of the tents.

Plain black classic folding tent with branded roof banner, full rear wall and front half-height walls with counters.

  • Special requests are always a welcome challenge for us, and we rose to the challenge when contacted by a TV Production Company for a Folding Tent with a special flat roof for them to use for film crew to sit in whilst not filming, taking a break or to protect them from the weather

Plain black classic folding tent with special flat roof and full height side walls.

Features & Benefits

An array of features & benefits to wow the crowds


Our Classic Folding Tent is top quality through and through with an array of features, benefits and specifications to meet your needs.

  • Colours and Branding

The Classic Folding Tent can be fully or partially digitally printed with your corporate branding or promotional messages of your choice.  There are standard colours, which are available all the time and bespoke colours can be priced for you upon request.  See General Information for details or colour options.

Red Mission Athletic branded Classic Folding Tent Promotional stand for displaying information when at race events etc

  • 100% waterproof and fire-resistant
  • Creates great ambience and protection from the elements
  • Easy assembly – no tools needed
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events etc
  • Range of sizes to suit all needs
  • Sturdy and stable – can withstand most weather conditions
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If you are looking for an elegant yet versatile portable outdoor or indoor premium gazebo solution for your trade stand at an event, music festival, racecourse or other indoor or open-air occasion, then maybe the uniqueness and versatility of the Classic Folding Tent is the best solution.  Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and we will recommend and help you create the best solution from one of our range of products to match your budget and expectations.

Green Heineken branded Folding Tent Bar in a row with green roofs and bespoke half height side walls and counters for serving drinks from.

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