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Cube – Folding Tent – Unique, Different & Innovative


Fully branded Cube Tent Bar with half height side walls & fully branded back wall and counters for serving drinks from.

The all new Cube Folding Tent with its unique design is hugely eye-catching and perfect in many settings to help you make your business stand out from the rest at any event, exhibition etc offering larger advertising space on all 4 sides of the tent with special facility to change messaging throughout the day with the option to purchase interchangeable advertising boards for the valance.

This patented design is revolutionary in so many ways.  It has all the design features of all our other Folding Tents including being portable, quick and easy to set up (see General Information) with many of our standard Accessories being available to use with this Gazebo too.

Enabling you to be visible from a long distance this Folding Tent provides greater awareness of your brand and ultimately increased sales of your product.

Cube shaped folding tent with unique and different design



Versatile & Different – if you have a use in mind, the Cube probably fits the bill


All our folding tents are designed to be as versatile as our customers want them to be and how the Cube Gazebo can be used is no exception.  If you are looking for a tent with greater advertising space, then look no further.

Although currently only available as a 3m x 3m, we believe even at this size how this gazebo can be used is wide a varied.  It is ideally suited for:

  • Markets
  • Street Food Markets
  • Sampling Stands
  • Information Stand
  • Food and Drinks Bars
  • Film and TV on location weather protection and/or catering tent
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Exhibitions

Cube Sampling Stand – flat roof with triple advertising space on valances

Features & Benefits

A variety of features & benefits to make your tent look the best in show


Our Cube Gazebo delivers the same top quality as all our other Folding Tents in the range, whilst offering some additional unique features and benefits specific to this tent.

Cube Gazebo specific Features & Benefits

  • Increased Advertising Space

The unique shape of the Cube Tent automatically creates a larger advertising space.  In turn this provides greater visibility of your tent at events, exhibitions etc to help draw the crowds and ultimately increase sales/brand/product/company awareness

The overall valance height of 70cm provides up to 2.16m advertising space per valance compared to 0.8moffered by a standard 3m x 3m Folding Tent.  The image below demonstrates this with the Cube valance shown on the right.

Cube valance compared to basic folding tent valance for advertising space.


A further unique feature of this tent is that there is the option to purchase several advertising messages, which are interchangeable.  For example if you are selling food throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks etc) and require to change your menu depending on the time of day, this is entirely possible and very quick and easy with this unique option, making your Cube Gazebo extremely versatile and useful across a variety of settings and circumstances.

  • Lower Roof

If your exhibition space has restricted height due to overhead exhibition hall advertising boards, beams etc, the unique and novel design of the Cube Gazebo offers lower maximum total height than average folding tents and therefore may be the solution.

The table below compares the maximum total height across all the tents in our range:


3m x 3m


3m x 3m


3m x 3m


3m x 3m

Max Total Height 275cm 327cm 327cm 352cm

The height clearance 201cm (ie from floor to bottom of valance) is the same as all our other premium gazebos.

A perfect solution where height is at a premium, yet advertising space is not compromised.

Blue Square Tent with side walls, counters and unique square roof.



  • Water Drainage System

To provide the lower height the square tent roof curves inward, which collects rainwater and the innovative intelligent drainage system with water drainpipe and strainer remove the water to prevent it collecting in the centre of the roof.

Centre of Square Roof for water drainage


Square Tent Roof with drainage pipe from centre of roof


  • Colours & Branding

Like all Tents in the range the Cube can be fully or partially printed with your corporate branding or promotional messages of your choice.  There are standard colours, which are available all the time and bespoke colours can be priced for you upon request.  See General Information for details or colour options.  Specifically, for the Cube frames are available in anodised aluminium, black or white as standard, with other colours available upon request for orders of over 10.

  • 100% waterproof and fire-resistant
  • Easy and quick assembly – no tools needed
  • Sturdy and stable – can withstand most weather conditions
  • Portable

Square branded sampling stand displaying larger than average valance for advertising

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If you are seeking a unique and different looking folding tent for your next project and require more advertising space than the average gazebo offers maybe our Cube Folding Tent is the perfect solution for you?  We can support you in recommending the right setup for your project, so please contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Outdoor showroom of Folding Tent Range including Cube Gazebo

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