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Folding Tents - General Information

Premium Gazebo range of the highest quality


The Premium Gazebo range are an extremely high-quality premium product available in 6 different styles (Cube, Classic, Shop, Royal, & Rescue or as a Tent Bar) each available in a variety of sizes and set-up combinations, providing a portable and versatile solution for any situation.  Like all our products they are ideally suited for the hospitality and events industry, whether a street food market, trade fair, exhibition, music festival, promotional events, corporate events, drinks bars or parties on the lawn, a folding tent fits perfectly to any of these circumstances

Premium Gazebo - Royal in Ecru situated within a Hotel Alfresco Dining space


Easy & quick to set-up


Regardless of use no-one wants to spend valuable time on setting their gazebo up as the more time spent on set-up the less time you will have to sell products, promote your business etc and ultimately the aim is to be making money as soon as possible.

Our folding tents are

  • Easy to set-up.  They do not have separate frame parts;
  • Remarkably fast and easy to set-up and close down;
  • Supplied in a compact and easy to transport package;
  • Opened out with the pre-assembled canopy rood intact;
  • Adjusted to the desired height with adjustable leg heights;
  • Set-up within minutes of unloading
  • Extremely strong and durable

Folding Tent set-up animation video


Manufactured for maximum durability


Constructed with the highest quality materials with maximum durability and ease of use make our premium gazebos the best in the world.

Aiming for perfection? 

With appealing design, easy set-up and the possibility to configure the system to your exact project requirements means you will have the best gazebo on site.

  • High quality;
  • Less weight;
  • Dependable;
  • Durable

Extensive investment has been made into research and development to ensure these premium gazebos are built to this exacting standard time and time again.

Folding Tent image demonstrating stability and durability

  • A Paragon of Stability: The ingenious folding mechanism of the tent structure is made from high tensile aluminium frames.

Folding Tent image demonstrating aluminium profile for legs

  • New Aluminium profile for the legs allow the tents to be more stable, providing higher quality and less weight

Folding Tent image demonstrating Spring Loaded Bolt System

  • New Bolt System: The newly developed bolt system with its patented spring-loaded push buttons, guarantees ease of use when extending the legs of the tent.

Folding Tent image base poles secures stability

  • Aluminium Base: The aluminium base secures the stability of the tent

Folding Tent image of frame folded in showing plastic protection for top and bottom of legs.

  • Roof & Leg Protection: Rubber and plastic protectors and guides protect the roof and prevent scratching to the telescopic legs
Range of Sizes

Wide range of sizes available


Our Folding Tents and Folding Tent Bars are available in a range of sizes measuring from 1.5m x 1.5m (2.25 sqm covered area) through to 8m x 4m (32 sqm covered area).  Some sizes are not available depending on which style from the range you order.  Below is an image of sizes and the capacities across the range of sizes.  Contact us for more details and prices.

Folding Tent graphic image of different sizes with weights and capacities

Modular Design

Mix & Match sizes to maximise usage of space


With the modular design capabilities, you are not restricted to having just one tent on site to fit the area allocated, you can mix and match sizes, linking the tents together as you wish to cover the area in thee best configuration  possible to maximise capacity and cater for as many people as desired or display you products in the best possible light without compromising on space.

Images below demonstrate how you can seamlessly join tent structures together.  See the Accessories page for Rain gutters and central connectors, which support the modular structure set-up.

Set of images showing folding tent modular design possibilities including accessories

Materials, Shades & Fasteners

Materials & Fasteners of the highest quality


Our top of the range premium Folding Tents are made with polyester materials, which are not available commercially.  They are tested in accordance with ISO specifications for strength, waterproofing and colourfastness. The materials are fire resistant in accordance with EU Standards EN 13501 – 1:2002 and M2.

The material, threads and Velcro fastenings are all the same colour, ensuring a seamless look to your tent and that it looks perfect.

The high-end Velcro fastening strips attached to the inner side of the roof all ensure the side walls can be properly attached and enable them to be attached or removed easily and in no time at all.

Set of images showing folding tent materials and fasteners including Velcro fastening strips for side walls

Colour Co-ordination

Colours available to meet your needs


Roofs and side-walls are available in a wide range of colours.  Standard colours are always in stock, with custom colours available to order.  Materials, threads and Velcro fastenings are also produced in the same colour.

Thousands of combinations of model ranges, sizes and colours are available to enable you and your brand to be as individual and as unique as you and your business are.

This emphasises the attention to detail we give to every premium gazebo we supply.

Image showing the standard colours folding tents are available in with Pantone colour codes



Image showing the examples of some of the folding tent colour combinations available, including frame colours

Warranties & Service

Unrivalled Warranty & Service


All Folding Tents or Tent Bars are supplied with generous warranties, numerous certifications, as well as extremely reliable customer service.

When purchasing one of our premium gazebos, you can be assured of:

  • Extremely reliable and fast delivery times;
  • Local customer support;
  • In-house production and product development;
  • Special requests are always a welcome challenge.
Printing & Branding

Stand out from the crowd with unique printing options


When purchasing a Folding Tent from us you are getting so much more than just a tent.  With a blank canvas for your printing and branding options you are free to be as creative as you like.  It is your portable marketing tool meaning you can turn your stand into a distinctive advertising and promotional medium.

It’s all about brand awareness and making your superior branding presence felt on site at any event big or small.

Image showing the examples of printed and branded folding tents supplied by in your corner.

Your folding tent bar can be your very own efficient advertisement board, which you can take with you to event after event for many years to come.

It is possible to print (total surface print) the tent roof, side walls, banners and flags – inside and out to maximise promoting your branding and messages to all regardless of what side of your tent they are standing.

Understanding how important it is for your business to look its best, our creative team will be pleased to guide you in converting your ideas into custom-made layouts assisting with the design and appearance of your Premium Gazebo giving advice on what works best across a variety of situations, which will result in your own personalised tent or bar designed to your exact requirements.

Transport & Storage

Easy storage and transportability


Our Folding Tents are not only set up and dismantled in no time at all, but they can be stored quickly and conveniently in the individual bag supplied with each gazebo, with optional transport wheels available to fit to the bottom of the legs to enable wheeling about site from vehicle to stand location with ease.  Event without the transport wheels, the tents are lightweight and can be easily carried and transported in a vehicle around site.

More Details & Contact Us

Contact us to find out more


If you are looking for a high-quality Premium Gazebo to use at an event or venue and want to be the best in show, then maybe one of our folding tent options is what you need.

Take a look at the individual product pages (Shop, Classic, Royal or Rescue) or our Folding Tent Bars for further details on their different features and benefits and Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and we will be able to recommend the best solution and set-up from our range to match your exacting expectations.

Premium Gazebo branded for Laurent Perrier Champagne with side walls, counters

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