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Medical & Emergency – Folding Tent – The Triage Tent for all emergency situations


Our special version of the Folding Tent Range, the Medical Tent is designed for rescue and medical missions of all kinds whether it be a firefighting operation, police operation at a crime scene or an aid mission after a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tsunami.  This version of our premium gazebo is specifically designed for medical emergencies such as health pandemics like COVID-19 the Coronavirus for hospitals to create pre-triage centres or makeshift field hospitals.

With the usual quick set-up your Medical Tent will be ready to be used as a Command Centre enabling you to for example:

  • During Pandemics test patients prior to entering hospital or medical centre settings to prevent infected patients entering unsupervised and spreading the virus further
  • With modular design facility create temporary field hospitals away from main hospitals to prevent virus’ entering the main setting.
  • Set-up temporary screening centres in local communities to test patients for virus and other contagious diseases
  • Treat casualties, and keep them undercover until further help arrives
  • Support rescue workers, firefighters, police personnel etc to take breaks whilst remaining in a clean and dry environment.
  • Cover crime scene areas to retain evidence and enable personnel to operate in privacy during investigations.

It retains all the standard features of our Folding Tents (See General Information) and Accessories are available for it just the same if required.

The range of sizes available for the Medical Tent are:

  • 4.5m x 3m
  • 6m x 4m
  • 8m x 4m

Special Medical Folding Tent in an emergency fire-fighting situation


Supporting a wide variety of rapid & professional medical and rescue operations


As already stated, the Medical Tent with its special features and benefits can be used in all manner of rescue situations.

It can be used as for example:

  • Triage Centre – during medical pandemics such as COVID-19 they can be deployed outside hospitals and medical centres as centres for testing and assessing patients
  • Field Hospitals – the modular system enables several tents to be joined together to create a makeshift hospital setting for treating and caring for patients not just during war situations, but also within local communities and/or hospital grounds to expand resource during pandemic situations
  • Rescue Tent: during major incidents, be it road traffic accidents, aid missions, the Medical Tent can be deployed as a Medical Centre for treating casualties
  • Crime Scene Tent: with its special features such as the extended layer at the bottom of the walls etc it is ideal as a crime scene tent as this helps prevent dirt, wind etc contaminating the crime area being investigated
  • Command Centre: during major operations it can be used to provide centralised command and direction for the rescue operation concerned

The Medical Tent has many uses for emergency services teams, aid workers, as triage centres, etc.

Special Emergency Tent in an emergency fire-fighting situation

Features & Benefits

Unrivalled specific features & benefits make this the best Medical Tent


Our Emergency Tent is no different to our other Folding Tents in the range in terms of quality and an array of features and benefits to meet your needs

  • Colours & Branding – Generally, the Emergency Tent is produced in white with a red roof synonymous with medical colours and the roof can be branded with wording for example “Command Centre”, “Triage Centre”, “Pre-Triage Centre”
  • 100% waterproof and fire-resistant
  • Easy assembly – no tools needed
  • Suitable for all manner of rescue missions and operations across the emergency and medical services sector
  • Range of sizes to suit all needs (See Introduction above)
  • Sturdy and stable – can withstand most weather conditions

Medical Tent Specific features and benefits are:

  • Sidewalls – these are equipped with special windows that can be opened with zippers
  • Insect Net – integrated and ensures good ventilation and sufficient light whilst keeping insects out.
  • Privacy Protection – the window can be closed from the inside with an opaque cover protecting from prying eyes
  • Doors – can be opened and rolled up
  • Extended Layers – the bottom of all the sidewalls is PVC and allows for sandbags to be attached helping to prevent ingress of dirt, water etc.
  • Anti-Slip Flooring – connected to the tent frame and sidewalls to enable a closed unit to be created and absorbs liquids and spillages.
  • Permeable Fabric

Special Medical Tent showing all features and benefits

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If you are seeking to set-up additional medical facilities within the hospital or medical centre setting to help fight the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus, or if you are working within the Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance or Fire) or as an aid worker deployed in a natural disaster and are looking for an easy to setup, portable Folding Tent to use as a Command Centre, Medical Tent etc, we know we have the perfect sturdy long lasting solution and can support you in recommending the right setup for your rescue situation.  Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Special Medical Tent in an emergency fire-fighting situation

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