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Beautiful.  Stylish – Creating an atmosphere for your gathering


Elegant.  Sophisticated. Let us create the best ambience for your gathering, wedding, catering party, promotional campaigns.

High-end materials and personal configuration make for a sensational event. Using the concept of the functional Classic Folding Tent combined with the stylish design and ultimate luxury of scalloped edging for the roof and elegant corner curtains the Royal Folding Tent for special occasions can be created.

The Royal Folding Tent is the only Gazebo for exclusive occasions. With elegant corner curtains, and internal sky (See Accessories), a luxurious ambience is created.

Despite the focus on aesthetics, the Royal Folding Tent design is extremely functional and safe. It is easy to handle, compact for storage and transportation and no tools are required for set up (See General Information for details).

The set-up is quick and easy and can be extended, thanks to the modular system. The materials are wind and water-resistant, tear resistant and fire retardant.

Royal Folding Tent – Ecru in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in rural wedding setting


Designed with prestigious events & venues in mind, but there are no restrictions on use


All our Folding Tents are designed to be as versatile as our customers want them to be and the Royal Folding Tent is no exception, but we think it is the star of the Folding Tent range and proves a great alternative to a luxury parasol.

Designed with special occasions in mind such as outdoor weddings at hotels, pubs golf courses etc, christenings, anniversaries and other premier life events held at home or at prestigious venues.  Restaurants, Hotels etc are even using the Royal Folding Tent to frame special venues such as the outdoor terrace, pool terrace and parties.

Some examples of how some current clients are using their Royal Folding Tent

Morley Hayes a Golf Course, Hotel and Restaurant with magnificent grounds utilise a 2m x 2m Royal Folding Tent within outdoor wedding area as the focal point for the wedding couple to stand in front of and for signing the register.  It is ecru in colour with Morley Hayes branding and includes scalloped roof edging, corner curtains/drapes with a single back wall.

Royal Folding Tent – Ecru in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in wedding garden setting



Our customers predominantly use the Royal Folding Tent for weddings and special occasions, but there are not limits to how it can be used with it sometimes being used with a Garden Centre setting as the focal point of a display.

Royal Folding Tent – Ecru in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in garden centre display setting

Features & Benefits

Special Features bring elegance & class specific to the Royal Folding Tent


Our Royal Folding Tent is top quality through and through with an array of features, benefits and specifications to meet your needs, some synonymous across the range and some specific to the Royal.

  • Colours and Branding

Full or partial digital printing with your corporate branding or promotional messages of your choice is available.  There are standard colours, which are available all the time and bespoke colours can be priced for you upon request.  See General Information for details or colour options.

  • Corner Curtains

The corner curtains specifically available for the Royal Folding Tent create an elegant and prestigious appearance to these gazebos, meaning it is unique and differs significantly from conventional tents available on the market.  This line is designed with special occasions, events and important guests in mind

Ecru corner curtains showing some of the sky ceiling available for this line of tent

  • Sky

Available specifically and exclusively for the Royal Folding Tent line completing the elegant and prestigious appearance.  Lighting available can add to the ambience at night.  See Accessories for further details

Ecru internal sky material fitted to the roof of the tent hiding the metal structure and creating elegance.

  • 100% waterproof and fire-resistant
  • Creates great ambience and protection from the elements
  • Easy assembly – no tools needed
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events etc
  • Range of sizes to suit all needs
  • Sturdy and stable – can withstand most weather conditions
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If you are looking for something a little more prestigious looking than a standard Gazebo, then the Royal Folding Tent is the solution for you especially if you are looking to create a distinguished area for celebrations including weddings at your venue, enabling cover for guests. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and aims and we will work with you to create the best-looking celebration area you can wish for.

Royal Folding Tent – Ecru in colour with scalloped roof and elegant corner curtains in rural wedding setting

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