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Accessories to enhance your premium outdoor bar


With our Pavilions Accessories range, you can enhance your premium outdoor bar even further to elevate your footprint to ensure your event bar stands out from all the rest on site providing a unique user experience. All are easy to install with no special tools required and can be purchased at the same time as you order the pavilion or they can be bought separately at a later date.

Lighting Pavilion Accessory fitted to the roof join of pavilion bar

Counter Extensions

More serving capacity


Our simple attachable counter extensions allow you to expand the capacity around your pavilion bar providing counter space & serving capacity for more people. The counter extension is 78 cm long and 40 cm wide.

They are designed to be fitted to the Star, Hexagonal or Octagonal versions in the range and are easily connected directly to the main bar framework.

No special tools are needed for connecting or disconnecting these pavilions accessories.

Studio image of Octagonal Pavilion set up with no branding – roof and base panels are plain white

Night Panels

Printable Night Panels


Our night panels for the pavilions outdoor bar/stand range are made of poly-carbonate panels, by which you can close your stand overnight and shield everything inside from the elements.

The poly-carbonate panels are locked from the inside by means of bolts.

Like the base panels and roof for these event bars, you can use the lockable night panels as another means for advertising and have them printed according to your wishes with corporate branding, messaging etc.  There is a separate transport box to store and transport the night panels safely.

Studio image of 6-sided Pavilion set up with no branding – roof and base panels are plain white includes night panels and roof flag pavilions accessories

2 x 4-sided square pavilion kiosks branded as Pimm's and Prosecco outdoor event bars with both roof and base panels being branded

Wooden Floor Panels

Keeping feet dry, warm and comfortable


Pavilions accessories includes our original wooden floor panels.  The flooring is made from spruce wood and can be laid inside the pavilion in no time at all.  It is an ideal solution particularly for when your outdoor bar or event stand is located on grass or uneven hardcore as it provides comfort for your operators preventing them from getting wet or cold feet, whilst maintaining their overall comfort whilst standing serving at your event.

The panels consist of 2, 6 or 8 parts depending on which pavilion bar you order ie the 2-part flooring is designed for the Square Pavilion, the 6-part flooring is designed for the Hexagonal or Star Pavilion etc.

The wooden floor is entirely handmade and consists of separate parallel wooden slats. The distance between the wooden slats means the floor stays dry even when liquids are spilt on it accidentally.Studio image of 6-sided Pavilion set up with no branding – roof and base panels are plain white demonstrating the wooden flooring accessories option


Keep your team warm to keep serving customers


To keep your personnel warm on the cold festival or event days we supply within our pavilion’s accessories range a 1500-watt heater, which can be installed on the central upper post inside the pavilion.  No tools are needed to install the heater and to organise the cables, universal clips are provided, which enable you to easily fix the cables to the frame.  The universal clips are ideal for tidying cable routing and can also be used as hangers too.

Pavilions accessories Heater fitted to pavilion roof frame


Let there be light to ensure the right atmosphere


Sometimes if the weather is not bright and sunny your bar may seem a bit dark and unwelcoming for your customers, but with our lights you can ensure lighting and the right atmosphere regardless of what the weather is like or the time of day your bar is being used

Like the heater the lighting can be mounted on the central upper post and consists of 3 150-watt flood lights.  No tools are require for installation and to organise the cables, universal clips are provided, which enable you to easily fix the cables to the frame.  The universal clips are ideal for tidying cable routing and can also be used as hangers.

Lighting fitted to the roof join of pavilion

Roof Flag

Increase your visibility whilst promoting your brand or product


Events and festivals can be busy frenetic places with many stand and bar operators competing for business.  With a printable roof flag for your pavilion bar you will not only enhance the look of you bar, but also increase visibility across the event/festival site whilst promoting your brand or product.

Like all accessories, the roof flag is easily assembled with no tools required.

6-sided outdoor event bar with laurent perrier branding on roof & base panels

Roof Openings

Create good ventilation if cooking and serving food


Our Hexagonal and Octagonal pavilions are not only suitable for serving premium drinks brands from but can also be used at events or festivals as food outlets and both can be ordered with special roof openings, which enable good ventilation if being used for cooking and serving food from. They are both often ordered in conjunction with on of our Sanki Swinging Grills, which are very popular with several of our clients in the outdoor catering sector and we have received excellent feedback that they have drawn the crowds and provided exceptional revenue time and again.

Visit our Grills & Pavilions Page for more information

Tents and Marquees - Octagonal Pavilion and Grill with grill housed inside the pavilion with special roof openings pavilions accessories and full customised branding

Joining Kit

Increase the size of your outdoor event bar serving area


With the special joining kit available for joining Hexagonal or Octagonal versions of the Pavilion, it is possible to increase the size of your event bar making it more versatile and accessible for operators and customers alike whilst still maintaining the wow factor and visibility across any event site.

2 x 6-sided kiosk for an outdoor event bar with joining kit to create one through bar

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4-sided outdoor event bar with Heineken green branding for both roof and base panels as well as night closure shelters

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