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Square Pavilion – Small, but big enough to look great


Our Square Pavilion is the smallest in the range and works well in small restricted spaces but is still big enough to make your brand look its best and stand out from the crowd to look professional.  These are practical and make very efficient use of restricted spaces.  They have been specifically designed as sales, sampling, ticket or information stands acting as a point of sale, information booth for trade shows, exhibitions etc, but they work equally as well as an outdoor event bar for drinks brands.  Like all our other pavilions in the range they can be set up in rapid time without the need for tools and when dismantled can be transported around in specially designed transport containers (See General Information for further details on set-up, storage etc).

Whilst being compact the Square Pavilion is still generous on space enabling serving of up to 16 people around the outside, again a 360° serving area.  This is particularly useful when using the Pavilion as an outdoor bar at events enabling good management of crowds around the bar and surrounding area.


4-sided pavilion kiosk fully branded with Lauren Perrier Champagne on both the roof and base panels


Suitable for all types of application


Like all the range the Square Pavilion is perfect for any event, but it has been specifically designed as a sales, ticket or information stand, but is equally as effective as an outdoor bar, coffee stand, food outlet etc at sporting venues such as racecourses, tourist attractions, such as zoos, stately homes etc.  With such a robust structure you will have the confidence that it will look good for a long time and should you decide to change the branding it is possible to order new roofs with new branding and re-brand the base panels accordingly.

No matter what you decide to use the Pavilion for we are confident that you quickly be impressed with the capacity you can accommodate and the revenue you are able to generate over a very short space of time.

4-sided outdoor event bar with Heineken green branding for both roof and base panels as well as night closure shelters

4-sided information stand with plain black roof and base panels branded with Derby County Football Legends

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications to meet your requirements

4-sided Square Pavilion studio image fully set up with no branding. Roof and base panels are plain white.

Pavilion – Square Multipurpose Transport Box
Roof Width: 3.24 m LxWxH 2.31 x 0.72 x 1.12 m
Inside Width: 1.64 m Consists of: 3 parts
Roof Height: 3.35 m Box weight 72.2 kg
Counter Height: 1.00 m Total Weight 226.7 kg
Counter Width: 0.30 m
Roof overhang (each side) 0.57 m
Pavilion Weight 154.5 kg

Available space for people surrounding the Pavilion: 16

NB: no counter extensions are available for the Square Pavilion

Illustration of Square Pavilion dimensions from top down

Colours & Branding

The roof can be fully, or partially digitally printed and base panels can be fully or partially printed with corporate branding or promotional messages of your choice.  There are 10 standard colours for the roof, with other colours available on request.  See General Information for details.


4-sided pavilion kiosk fully branded with Lanson Champagne on both the roof and base panels

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If you are looking for a compact yet versatile outdoor event bar solution for an event, festival, racecourse or other open-air occasion, then maybe the Square Pavilion is the best solution to make your brand look its best  Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the best solution from one of our range of Event, Mobile and Stadia Bars to match your budget and expectations.2 x 4-sided square pavilion kiosks branded as Pimm's and Prosecco outdoor event bars with both roof and base panels being branded

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