Quality. Utilises limited space efficiently. Practical. Designed as a point of sale, Trade Show and Information Booth. Ideal when space is tight, it allows you to utilise limited space efficiently. Can be set up anywhere, in rapid time and without any tools.

Set Up

Thanks to the quick release system, a Pavilion can be set up in a short amount of time. Firmly anchored to the ground, it will withstand any onslaught and remain stable. First the base frame is assembled, then the front panels and counter elements are inserted and finally, the roof is stretched over the top. The innovative tensioning system ensures stability and optimum stretching.



Technical Specification

Pavilion – Square Multipurpose Transport Box
Roof Width: 3.24 m LxWxH 2.31 x 0.72 x 1.12 m
Inside Width: 1.64 m Consists of: 3 parts
Roof Height: 3.35 m Box weight 72.2 kg
Counter Height: 1.00 m Total Weight 226.7 kg
Counter Width: 0.30 m
Roof overhang (each side) 0.57 m
Pavilion Weight 154.5 kg

Available space for people surrounding the Pavilion: 16


Maximum safety: The steel frame is galvanised. The roof is fire retardant. The counter elements are coated with fire retardant paint. Also available are swinging doors; rustproof, adjustable height poles; and, a multipurpose transport box made of steel.


Printing & Colours

Promotional material can be printed on the PVC roof and the panels using several techniques. 10 standard roof-colours are available.





Transport Box

All Pavilion components can be neatly and easily stored in the multipurpose transport box. The box provides a clean, safe and compact storage location and can be moved using a fork lift. Alternatively, it can be broken down into several parts and transported manually.


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