Redefine Your Outdoor Space For Winter Trade


Maximise outdoor space this winter with Terrace Screens, Pergolas, Parasols and Furniture.


Maximising your outdoor space this winter is how to keep your customers coming back for more.

Across the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused pubs, bars and restaurants to rethink the way they operate to survive.

Businesses have been forced to reinvent the outdoors so it’s time to get creative and start utilising what space you have.

As we move into the last few months of 2021, think about sprucing up your outdoor area and bring in more trade this winter. Remember, research shows many people are still reluctant to visit inside venues.



What’s the solution?

Prepare for winter now – don’t put it off just because the beer garden is busy and the sun is shining.

The solution to welcoming customers all year round is creating an outdoor space that provides shelter from the wind, rain and sun – 365 days of the year.

Plan for the cooler weather and maximise every inch of the space you have – inside and outside.



Transform your outdoor area, pub garden or restaurant with Terrace Screens, Parasols, Pergolas and Outdoor Heaters

Whatever the weather, maximising outdoor space is key.

Weatherproof your terrace with our bespoke Terrace Screens, add Parasols to keep off the rain or consider our Pergolas or Awnings that open or close with the press of a button.

We are one of the UK’s leading commercial outdoor and hospitality suppliers and we are here to help.

From huge global brands to smaller, independent hospitality outlets, we work with clients across the country helping them boost revenue and increase trade by transforming outdoor spaces.



Be creative with outdoor projects

We wow clients with our outdoor hospitality solutions. It’s about being creative, having a clear vision and working on ways to maximise every inch of the space you have.

Your outside is just as important as your inside – you’ve just got to keep customers warm and dry so people can socialise outdoors during the colder months.

Talk to us and we’ll help give your guests a ‘warm’ welcome on your pub terrace or restaurant.

A well-designed weatherproofed beer garden that attracts customers long after summer is gone, is how pubs and restaurants can generate more revenue and enhance customer loyalty.


Save your business and make the most of outside space this winter

We sell bespoke Terrace Screens, Awnings, Parasols, Awnings, Pergolas and Outdoor Heaters – but that’s not all. We are also suppliers of a huge range of stunning outdoor furniture, stock the infamous Sanki Grill, as well as being approved suppliers of Markilux Awnings and Pergolas.

We also supply world-class premium Tents and Marquees to the event and hospitality industry and have a superb range of Folding Tents and Pavilions – which can be used all year round.


Are you winter-ready?

Winter trade has never been more important to bars, restaurants and cafes.

Don’t let our typical British weather dampen an outdoor dining experience or a Christmas event that you’ve been planning since July.

If you weatherproof your outdoor terrace or beer garden, you can successfully entertain guests outside, all year round.

Install the right products and your restaurant, pub or café will see revenues soar – even on the wettest of days!


We’re here for you

We have more than 25 years of experience in the commercial outdoor and hospitality business.

We can source and produce the best products for you and can bring exciting ideas to your outdoor area.

Anything is possible. Work with us to transform your patch of pub grass, small pavement or an exciting new space that’s just waiting to be turned into a new dining area for guests.

Installing products which match perfectly with your venue is our job.

So right now, let’s get outside. Let’s get winter ready.

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