Pavilion Bars

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Pavilion Bars – delivering a range of unique and sturdy outdoor event bars


Unlike our Umbrella Bars, which are custom designed to meet client specific requirements, our pavilion bars are available in 4 different styles – Star, Octagonal, Hexagonal and Square, and are easily transported from event to event being suitable for all kinds of events from racecourse meetings to music festivals and more.

They create perfect outdoor event bars and their versatility make them ideal for serving all types of drinks from premium champagne brands such as Laurent Perrier, to craft beers, gin, rum etc.

Whichever size you select, they all provide a 360° marketing solution with extensive space inside for personnel to serve customers all round the bar enabling queues to be kept to a minimum creating a happy and satisfied customer base.

All sizes provide the opportunity to promote brands, sponsors, venues etc with the roof and base panels providing surfaces for printing your desired logos, branding, promotional messages etc.

Pavilion Bars are a perfect option when you require something semi-permanent with space to serve from all sides, providing shelter for operators and customers alike in all weather conditions.

We always work closely with you to recommend and achieve the best solution for your event or venue, whether you are looking for a high-end premium style more permanent outdoor event bar such as our umbrella bars or to invest in an event bar such as our pavilion bars, which you can move from venue to venue depending on demand.

To find out how we can help you create the best-looking event bar on site, please contact us today.

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